Soundbites: Week of September 27th, 2015

Welcome to Soundbites, where we at YE take a moment to commemorate some of the best lines from our favorite shows from the past week. Whether it’s a one-line zinger, an unforgettable pun, or a dramatic moment of truth, Soundbites brings you the can’t-miss best-of-the-best lines from your fave shows. This week we feature Awkward.Faking It, and Scream Queens.



Tamara’s disengagement engagement party finds a drunken Gabby in too truthful a mood. She goes hard on the white wine as she chases Jenna down to drop some truth bombs about Matty’s maybe lingering feelings for her. Jenna’s dying to hear, so she prompts Gabby with:

“Just spill it.”

And Gabby promptly spills something else, like her entire lunch. Gotta be careful with your white wine pregame!!!

Faking It


This week found all the usual suspects at Hester High rounded up for Saturday detention, Breakfast Club style. Everybody’s in for different reasons, but no matter the crime, the douchey new principal warns our misfits to be wary about doin’ the time:

“Don’t get kicked out of school, kids, because otherwise you’ll be getting your GED to start your illustrious career as an Uber driver.”

Scream Queens


Chanel channels Clueless makeover queen Cher Horowitz in this week’s episode as she discovers Hester’s interest in couture could be an opportunity to make lemon flavored vodka out of lemons. As Hester aka Neckbrace fan girls out over all of Chanel’s designer duds, Chanel lets us know where her true priorities lie:

“This closet is the most important thing to me. It’s like my second vagina.”

Chanel then gives Hester the pearl-laden makeover future trophy wives could only dream of!!!