Top 10 Happy Thoughts From ‘Pan’

A new chapter in the timeless tales of everyone’s favorite Lost Boy hits theaters this Friday. Pan is an entirely original take on Peter Pan–a bit of a prequel of sorts, or perhaps the term “origin story” is a better description–based on the characters and narrative originally created by J.M. Barrie at the turn of the 20th century. Directed by adaptation king Joe Wright (Pride and Prejudice, Atonement), this version of Neverland finds an orphan named Peter in the real world of London searching for information about his mother while struggling with being a bit of a troublemaker in a strict orphanage. But then Peter escapes the bleakness of his reality in London for the fantastical world of Neverland. And this journey is a bit different from any previous. In Pan, old foes are new friends, and a whole new world lay undiscovered. In this new reimagining where so many familiar characters have yet to meet each other, there are so many things to be excited for that even old grumpy Captain Hook could find something to smile about. Check out the list below of all the new things in Pan that have us thinking tons of happy thoughts.

Rooney Mara as Tiger Lily


Aaaghghghhh!! So excited! Indie darling Rooney Mara would be riveting to watch even if she was reading names from the phone book, so seeing her as Tiger Lily on the big screen will be amaze!!! In this version, Tiger Lily is Peter’s partner in crime and sherpa through the complicated world of Neverland, so she will be an integral part to Peter’s journey. So Rooney Mara is definitely one of our happy thoughts, though it should be said that her casting in this role has been somewhat controversial in that the character of Tiger Lily is portrayed as Native American, and Rooney is decidedly not. But we are excited to see a beloved favorite playing a classically beloved character.

Garrett Hedlund as Hook


Garrett Hedlund is another indie fave, and now he’s going mainstream with a starring role as a young Hook. But in this version, Peter and Hook are not (yet) adversaries. Instead…

…this time around, Hook and Peter are pals!


Yes, you read that right. Peter and Hook are not mortal enemies quite yet, but instead upon meeting, they forge a friendship and  join forces on their journey through Neverland. It’s a refreshing change in dynamic from the older narrative that we can’t wait to see play out! We can only imagine what precisely a Hook/Peter friendship could possibly look like! It can only help that this time around, the two are united against a common enemy, a new enemy, but still a pirate…

A New Pirate Villain


Every child has grown up watching or reading about the great rivalry between Hook and Pan. Peter Pan and the Lost Boys hate pirates, and Hook has always been Public Enemy #1 in Neverland. But there’s a new eye patch in town, and it’s an intimidating and infamous name you might be familiar with…

…Blackbeard Played By Hugh Jackman


That’s right, Blackbeard. This time Pan and company are up against the most feared pirate in the sea, a dude who has shivered a lot of timbers. And Blackbeard will be played by stage and screen legend Hugh Jackman, Wolverine of the X-men series. Jackman is oozing with charisma, so expect his Blackbeard to be not just slimy and grimy, but to have a few slick tricks up his sleeve.

Amanda Seyfried as Mary

[Cusack, Anne -- B58392937Z.1 LOS ANGELES, CA. - APRIL 20, 2010: Acress Amanda Seyfried poses for a portrait at the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles on April 20, 2010. She is starring in the upcoming "Letters to Juliet" and has been in three other films this year. (Anne Cusack /Los Angeles Times)] *** []

Mary is mother to the Darling children, the family that the London version of Peter befriends. We can’t wait to see precisely what this prequel version of Pan’s relationship is with the Darlings, and we are even more excited to see this former Mean Girl and Mama Mia and Red Riding Hood star take on this classic role!

Cara Delvingne Playing a Mermaid


Errrybody loves Miss Delevingne, and basically she can do no wrong. So now we get the joy of seeing the Paper Towns and Suicide Squad star play a mermaid!!! Aaagghghghgh! Happy thoughts!

Director Joe Wright


While this is Joe Wright’s first foray into young-adult friendly fantasy fare like Pan, the British director is known for his ability to bring adaptations of beloved literature to the screen in a beautiful and innovative manner. His muse up until now has been Keira Knightley with the two of them making Atonement, Pride and Prejudice, and Ann Karenina (all adaptations) together. And all his films are soft yet concise, elegant yet not opulent, and moving without oversentimentalizing. We expect nothing less from Pan, the images from which look dreamy and fantastical in true Joe Wright fashion.

Newcomer Levi Miller as Pan


In all our excitement about all of these other happy thoughts, we nearly forgot about our main character, the titular Pan!!! Young Australian actor Levi Miller takes over the infamous role of everyone’s favorite boy who refuses to grow up. This is his first major role in both, but we are certain we will be seeing plenty of this guy in years to come. In fact, he even guest stars on the new super hero series Super Girl on CBS this fall! We bet he won’t need any fairy dust at all to fly high in Hollywood!

The First Magical Trip From London To Neverland


As this is somewhat of a prequel to the works of J.M. Barrie and an origin story for Peter as a hero of Lost Boys, expect a lot of firsts in Pan. The first time Pan meets Tiger Lily, Hook, the Darlings…all of which has us thinking ALL the happy thoughts. But that first time we are most excited about is Peter’s first legendary journey from London to Neverland, his first magical trek out of his bleak orphanage and into the colorful and youthful world of Neverland. Bring on the fairy dust and the happy thoughts!