How Supergirl left off in Season 3

While our favorite National City superhero is hanging up her cape for the summer, Supergirl will be soaring back onto your television screen this fall, on Sunday, October 14th.

For those who have not yet watched the critically acclaimed CW show, Supergirl, aka Kara Danvers, is Superman’s cousin, who has hidden her powers for 14 years while living with her foster mother and sister. At 24, working as an assistant to social media mogul, Cat Grant, in National City, Kara is forced to reveal herself in order to save her older sister Alex. Kara then has to juggle her two very different lives, while also trying saving everyone else’s.

Glee alumni, Melissa Benoist, plays the show’s titular character, doing a phenomenal job of expressing Kara’s innocence, while also portraying Supergirl’s unending selflessness. Chyler Leigh, who is most known from her Grey’s Anatomy days, plays Alex Danvers, Kara’s foster sister. Mechad Brooks and Jeremy Jordan portray Superman’s best friend James Olsen and tech-nerd Winn Schott, respectively. David Harewood rounds out the cast by bringing to life D.E.O director Hank Henshaw, whose actual name is J’onn J’onzz, the last green martian.

The show just recently finished for the summer, leaving fans longing for season four. So, to ease to the pain, here’s a recap of everything that happened in season 3:

The season begins with Kara, still devastated from her decision that resulted in having to send Mon-El, her boyfriend, away from Earth. She decides to embrace her Kryptonian side and leave Kara Danvers behind. Samantha Arias, played by Odette Annable and her daughter, Ruby, are introduced after Sam lifts a heavy piece of debris in order to save her daughter, a feat not fit for a regular human.

Kara has no choice but to confront her humanity, when a woman possessing psychic abilities plays on her fears. Meanwhile, Ruby puts herself in danger several times in order to prove that her mom has superpowers.

Sadly, the show’s lesbian couple, Alex and Maggie go their separate ways, due to them both wanting different things: Alex, children and Maggie, no children.

J’onn’s father, thought to be dead, is discovered, rescued and brought to earth by his son and Supergirl.

Supergirl and Co. find a spaceship crash-landed in the water beneath National City. It turns out that Mon-El is alive and part of the Legion of Superheroes, a team of crime fighters from the future. Sam searches for answers to the strange occurrences that are happening to her, and leading her to the Fortress of Sanctuary, in the middle of the desert, where she changes into Reign.

Strange Kryptonian symbols are popping up all around National City, leading Supergirl to investigate and find an ancient prophecy about the World Killer, Reign, who becomes the main villain of the season.

Reign and Supergirl meet, but their differing opinions lead to a fight, one that Supergirl loses horribly. Reign believes in justice and will do anything, including kill, to get it.

Sam starts to realize that she’s losing time and not remembering stuff, so she enlists Alex to help her figure out what’s happening to her. It turns out, that there are three World Killers: Purity, Pestilence and Reign.

The group finds out that Sam and Reign are the same person, while Lena Luthor, played by Katie McGrath tries to find a way to save Sam. Meanwhile, Alex’s want for a child of her own grows while she takes care of Ruby. Supergirl and her team are forced to engage in an all-out battle with the Trinity, and lose once again. When Reign realizes that her one weakness is Ruby, she sets out to get rid of her, resulting in her daughter figuring out why her mother has been gone for so long.

When Supergirl and Mon-El travel to the dark side of the moon to retrieve something that could stop the Reign, they discover Argo, a city of Krypton that survived. Her mother, Alura, is one of the survivors. The Argo council votes to give the two what they came for, the Harun-El rock, with the tie broken by Selena. They return to Earth and give the rock to Lena, who uses it to stop Reign.

Kara decides, now that National City is safe again, she will return to Argo to be with her mother. It’s an emotional goodbye, but she leaves and Mon-El goes with her. Not a day goes by before weird things start occuring on Argo, ending with Selena revealing herself to be the mysterious figure that’s been helping Reign. She steals their ship to go to earth.

Reign rises again, and the team is forced to take her on as they wait for Supergirl to return and help them. Sam has to go into her subconscious to find out how to stop Reign and finds out it’s a fountain that powers the other woman. They take to the Fortress of Sanctuary, where they engage in an all-out battle to save the world. Sam stabs Reign and throws her into the fountain, which ends in everyone, but Supergirl, dying, so the hero goes back in time to prevent it happening again, stopping Sam from stabbing Reign.

In the Dark Valley, Sam delivers blows for each person affected by her turning into Reign, ending with the villain’s destruction.

With Reign defeated, Winn joins the Legion of Superheroes, Alex resigns from the DEO in order to pursue motherhood and J’onn steps down from the director’s position. We see Kara and Alex, lounging in the former’s apartment, sharing a happy moment after all they went through.

The scene cuts to Lena talking on the phone, informing her assistant to start phase 2 of their Harun-El trials, something that was supposedly returned to Argo. Then, a flashback to 48 hours earlier, when Kara was flying to the Dark Valley. A second Kara landed in Siberia, wrapped in a blanket.

Who is this doppelganger? Is she good or evil?

Find out Sunday, October 14th at 8/7c on the CW!