Superhero Fantasy News

This week, we’ve got a brand new section for you in casting news! Because the worlds of fantasy, sci-fi and comic book films are growing exponentially, we thought it best to separate these items out so you can see who will next be tasked with saving the world. It’s a great job and somebody’s gotta do it!

Hugh JackmanFirst up is a whole bunch of X-Men news, timed perfectly with the release of Days of Future Past this week. Hugh Jackman recently made waves when he mentioned the desire to hang up his adamantium claws for good, but we can’t blame him since he’s already portrayed Wolverine in about 237 films at our last count. But there’s probably going to be at least two more outings for the world’s most favorite mutant superhero, not including the current installment: the studio behind the franchise is hoping to film both X-Men: Apocalypse (the third sequel to follow this month’s Days) and the untitled follow-up to last summer’s The Wolverine (also a third sequel, in the solo Wolvie series) back to back. Whatever happens, one thing is resoundingly clear: people cannot get enough Wolverine.

Channing TatumAnd then there’s the happy confirmation that another beloved X-Man who hasn’t yet gotten that much screen time will be brought to life: we’re talking about that card playin’ Cajun known as Gambit. And who will take on the role? None other than Magic Mike Channing Tatum, who has long expressed interest in the character. Gambit/Tatum will first appear in Apocalypse, most likely with a stand-alone spin-off to happen sometime thereafter. We’re of course excited to see how this will look, but one discrepancy is already clear: the buff and smooth Tatum seems like a strange fit for the tall and lanky bo-wielding mutant of the comic book pages.

Octavia SpencerThe Help’s Academy Award-winner Octavia Spencer is the newest addition to Insurgent, the second installment in the Divergent series starring everyone’s fave new ingénue (well, ours at least!) Shailene Woodley. Spencer will portray Johanna, the Amity representative who figures into the story.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them coverAnd for those diehard Harry Potter fans out there, all is far from lost, since development for the Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them series is moving along at a nice pace. The spin-off, also conceived and written by JK Rowling, is said to take place almost a century before Harry’s existence, but it certainly occupies the same universe. The first installment is slated for a Fall 2016 release, and while direct links to Harry and his friends seem unlikely, it will be interesting to try and find at least some indirect references.

And last but certainly not least, lets wrap things up with some more news from the Star Wars camp! The main cast was revealed a number of weeks ago, but two young newcomers are the most recent additions: Maisie Richardson-Sellers and Katie Jarvis. These kids won’t be newcomers for long!