This Week On Youtube

Check out this week’s best YouTube videos with our four favorites below!


Cute Factor: The Cat Hug

With 5 million views and counting, this adorable video has won over the hearts of many. If you need a smile or just a break from the everyday grind of school and work, take a peek at this awesome video. It’s the most lovable cat you’ll ever see!



Tyler Oakley Takes Italy

Everyone’s favorite YouTube personality is back with his adventures in Italy. As he continues to take us with him on his travels, Tyler has even asked that viewers comment on where he should go next. Can you actually take us with you, Tyler? We’ll just have to watch on the internet for now!


Seal Belly Rub


Scuba Diver Jason Neilus is up close and personal with these friendly seals in the Farne Islands, UK. Using the latest technology from GoPro, viewers are taken on an almost real-life underwater adventure. The curious little guys are too cute for words!



Meet Josiphina!


Here’s another gem for your viewing pleasure from the beloved, Joey Graceffa.  Always one to bring the laughs, Joey, is taking a walk in ladies shoes. The results are amazing. Be sure to check it out!


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