So You Think You Can Dance is an amazing show for many reasons. The show changed the reality format, made dancing something Americans thought about every week and is an agent for social change. SYTYCD has launched many careers and turned one off singles into best-selling tracks. In turn, the show has been highly received by the creative community and the public at large; it is one of the most Emmy decorated shows of all time considering the length of its run. In honor of its recent return, we’ve put together our top 5 SYTYCD performances of seasons past.

Jenna & Tucker – Hangin’ By (Contemporary) – Season 10

This lovely contemporary number from Season 10 featuring Jenna and Tucker was highly stylized and incorporated aerial acrobatics in a beautiful and innovative way.

Chelsie & Mark – Bleeding Love (Contemporary) – Season 4

Fan favorites Chelsie and Mark rocked it out to the hugely successful Leona Lewis song in a number showing a couple on the rocks but trying to keep it together because of their “Bleeding Love.”

Travis & Heidi – Calling You (Contemporary) – Season 2

This early number helped establish Travis as a force to be reckoned with and changed the course of his career – he would go on to be an in house choreographer for the show and win numerous Emmy’s. Despite Heidi’s difficulties leading up to the dance, she pulled it together for this number about a duo struggling to connect, as so many of us often do.

Janette & Brandon – Ruby Blue (Jazz) – Season 5

This standout Jazz number captures the feelings of exhilaration that so many of us feel when doing things for the first time. It launched Roisin Murphy’s career to new heights and was an all around blast to watch.

Lindsay and Cole – Wild Horses (Contemporary) – Season 9

Charlotte Martin’s cover of Wild Horses was only matched in beauty by the contemporary routine performed by Lindsay and Cole on Season 9. The number was emotional and heartbreaking in all the right ways.