Money Run

Original author: Jack Heath

Website: click here

Published by Scholastic Inc.
ISBN 0545512662 (ISBN13: 9780545512664)

“Take two child geniuses (thieves in their spare time), one obsessed assassin, and the richest man in the world to create a compelling, completely unpredictable young adult thriller. Fifteen-year-olds Ashley and Benjamin have concocted a daring master plan: to steal billionaire Hammond Buckland’s most precious belonging, hidden in the depths of his conspicuous corporate building. But Hammond Buckland has a most elaborate plan of his own – and none of them have counted on Peachey, the hit man with a determination to finish the job – at any cost!” 

Jack Heath is the author of five action-adventure books for young adults. His first novel, The Lab, was published when he was just 19, and his second, Remote Control, was shortlisted for sci-fi novel of the year in the 2007 Aurealis Awards. After the publication of his third book, Money Run, he was named the ACT Young Australian of the Year. Now 26, he’s working on his seventh action book and listing every book he’s ever read. When he’s not reading or writing books for teens, Jack is teaching or lecturing at schools and festivals. He lives in Canberra, Australia.



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