Table for Four (Episode 207)


Benji goes to AA and has kept it a secret from Victor

In Season 2 Episode 7 of Love, Victor, it’s revealed that Benji has been keeping a secret from Victor: he has been going to AA meetings. AA stands for Alcoholics Anonymous, and Benji has been going to get help with his substance abuse problem for over a year. 

Some information was given about Benji’s past in Season 1 when he and Victor spend a night in a hotel because they’re waiting for the espresso machine from the café to get fixed. Benji claimed he never passed his driver’s test and doesn’t have a license, but then Victor spots the license in Benji’s wallet while they’re at the hotel. He told Victor it was because he was drunk driving and drove into a Wendy’s, which resulted in his license being suspended. But Benji didn’t tell Victor everything.

The AA secret is exposed during a dinner that Victor attends with Benji and his parents for Benji’s birthday. Benji’s mom is the one who brings it up, not knowing that this was something Benji and Victor hadn’t talked about, and even mentions how just the week before Benji had earned his one-year chip. After hearing about this, the drunk driving incident makes a whole lot more sense to Victor. 

Benji tries explaining to Victor that the reason he didn’t share this secret was because he doesn’t want Victor to worry about him or think that Benji would turn to alcohol if something went wrong. He’s at the point in his recovery when he can be around other people who are drinking and not partake in it.

What is Alcoholism: 

Alcoholism is a disease that makes it nearly impossible to stay away from or even stop thinking about alcohol because the person affected becomes addicted to the substance. AA is an organization that provides assistance to people struggling with alcoholism to help them stay sober. This is done by rewarding members with sobriety chips and sponsors to motivate them to keep up the hard work. Benji does have a sponsor, and this is a person who has also struggled with alcoholism but is much further along in their progress, so it’s basically like having a mentor you can turn to who understands what you’re going through because they’ve been in the same position. 

Victor is still upset that Benji didn’t tell him about AA and his recovery. Victor’s response and worry for Benji are both understandable, but is this something Victor needs to be worried about? Benji made it clear that he doesn’t drink, and he does reach out to his sponsor for help which shows his responsibility and is definitely a sign that he wants to stay sober. However, they’re still in a relationship and honest communication is always important, even if it involves hard topics to talk about. 

The Trevor Project: A national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention for LGBTQ+ youth

It Gets Better Project: An organization whose mission is to uplift, empower, and connect LGBTQ+ youth around the globe.

GLAAD: An organization that uses media platforms to increase positive LGBTQ+ awareness and information.