Teen Wolf: The Most Tragic Deaths So Far (SPOILERS)

There’s only half a season left for MTV’s Teen Wolf. The show has killed off many characters in its run so far, and there are more to come. Before the heads and fangs start rolling, lets revisit the most tragic deaths from the series so far.


Allison Argent

Death: S3E23 “Insatiable”

One of our favorite deaths on the show was Allison Argent’s self sacrifice. She became the head of the Argent Hunter Clan after the death of her mother. She then changed her code to protect both human and supernatural beings. Near the end of the third season, she sacrificed herself to save her friends, and was fatally stabbed by an Ani demon’s sword. Her presence lives on in her pack, as they fight by her code.


Matt Daehler

Death: S2E10, “Fury”

Matt’s death was one of the best on the series, due to its ironic nature. Matt had a slow but steady build up throughout the early run of the series. In that time, we learned about his past and the near drowning that haunted him to his final day. In a late season two episode, Matt and Gerard square off near a lake. Gerard eventually wins and drowns Matt in the lake, ending his antagonist arc in the series. It was a clever and tragic book ending for the character.


Victoria Argent

Death: S2E09 “Party Guessed”

Allison’s aforementioned mother, Victoria, had quite the death herself. In season two, Victoria suffers a werewolf bite from Derek. In accordance with the Argent Code, she decides that she will kill herself rather than live life as a supernatural creature. She attempts to speak with Allison before doing so, but to no avail. Just as Victoria is about to end her own life, she realizes that she can’t do it alone, and asks Chris for help. He takes the knife from her and plunges it into her chest.


Aiden Steiner

Death: S3E24, “The Divine Move”

Aiden and his twin brother, Ethan, were originally antagonist, but had a change of heart throughout the course of the series. Before the climactic battle of the season three finale, Aiden is planning on leaving the town and getting Lydia to safety. However, Ethan convinces him to stay and fight. In that fight, Aiden is stabbed and dies in his brother’s arms. His finally breathe is sorrow that Lydia will never know he died fighting as a good guy.



Paige Krasikeva

Death: S3E8, “Visionary”

Paige’s story is told entirely through flashback, and we learn that is in fact a major catalyst for some of the events in the series. In the early 2000’s Derek and Paige met at Beacon Hills High School and developed a romantic relationship. However, Derek fears Paige will leave him if she learns that he’s a werewolf. Peter convinces him that if an Alpha bites Paige, they will be together forever. They arrange for Ennis to bite Paige, but she rejects the transformation and it begins killing her. Derek sees that Paige is dying slowly and begging him to end the pain. Derek, heartbrokenly, does as she asks and breaks her neck. This is where the audience learns that killing Paige caused Derek’s eyes to turn blue.


Tracy Stewart

Death: S5E20, “Apotheosis”

Anyone who knows Tracy’s stories story will agree that her entire life has been tragic. She was experimented on by masked creatures and suffered nightmares from it. She also unwittingly kills those trying to aide her, including her father. Then she is killed by the Dread Doctors, just to be resurrected by Theo and used to murder people. She develops a strong trust and affection for Theo. However, he uses this affection against her and kills her with his bare hands, while they are kissing.