Tess Romero and Charlie Bushnell talk about Diary of a Future President season 2

YEM talked to Diary of a Future President stars Tess Romero and Charlie Bushnell, who play siblings Elena and Bobby Cañero-Reed about the challenges, changes, and character growth on the show.

“Middle school is a very transitional time in everybody’s lives, and Elena is becoming more mature in season two than she was in season one,” Tess said. “Her family life is changing, she’s becoming more independent, making new friends, and learning what it means to be a good leader.”

While Elena faced both challenges and excitements that middle school brought, Charlie’s character Bobby learned how to navigate high school.

“He had some pretty high expectations, but things don’t really go as planned from the start. It’s a big new world that he’s in now. He makes some new friends and has opened up to new experiences,” Charlie said.

When filming could often pose as a challenge, Charlie said that it was smooth. He stated that it was “an absolute blast” because everyone was incredibly talented and hardworking.

“There was one scene where Brandon Severs who plays Liam on the show kept making this hilarious face and me and Nathan Arenas who plays Danny could not stop laughing,” Charlie said. “We had to do that scene over a bunch of times.”

The Diary of a Future President set was a rewarding, exciting, and memorable experience for both Tess and Charlie.

“Carmina, who plays Elena’s best friend Sasha, is super into One Direction. She taught me this One Direction dance, and we used to do it on set,” Tess said.

“I’ve learned so much from everyone on the show as an actor just by watching Selenis, Michael, and Gina do their thing. I’m just watching in awe,” Charlie said. “When you watch the final product, you really only see the actors on screen, but the crew do so much. The lighting, camera, and hair, makeup, and wardrobe people have such important roles. Watching how everything works on a set has been a really cool experience.”

Diary of a Future President season 2 is now streaming on Disney+.