The Lost Girl

20 year old pop singer/songwriter, Ruth B. with over 2M Vine followers chatted with Young Entertainment about the fan experience, listening to herself on Sirius Radio, and Peter Pan.


Young Entertainment: Hi Ruth, so good to be able to speak with you today. You have an amazing sound. Ever since I heard your song The Lost Boy I couldn’t stop listening. Where’d you come up with the lyrics for that? Why Peter Pan?

Ruth B.: Hey! Good to talk to you as well! Actually the idea for the song originated from a TV show I was watching called “Once Upon A Time.” I randomly started singing “I am a lost boy from Neverland usually hanging out with Peter Pan.” I love Peter Pan and Neverland. What’s not to love about a place where you never grow up!? That’s how the song was born.



YE: It’s so funny, because before I found out about this interview I didn’t put two and two together and realize it was your song I was listening to. I actually first heard your song on Hits1 Sirius FM. What has it been like hearing your song on the radio?

RB: It’s been insane! It’s so weird to hear my song right after a Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift song, but it has been great. It catches me off guard every time.


YE: My nephew is too cute, he loves singing along to The Lost Boy. What would you like the audience to take away from your music?

RB: That is so cute!!!! I just hope that they can find solace in my songs and that they feel understood. I always turn to music when I want to feel understood.


YE: How would you best describe your sound?

RB: Authentic and pure. I try not to overdo it and make it mostly about the lyrics and song itself.



press photo credit: Jiro Schnieder


YE: Who has been most influential in shaping your music?

RB: I don’t know if I could think of a who, but a “what” would be life itself. Everyday I’m inspired by the people I meet and the experiences I go through. There’s a song in everything!


YE: What has been the most challenging in becoming a singer/songwriter?

RB: Being away from home so much probably! But I also love being able to travel.


YE: How did you discover Vine? What was your viewership goal when you started, how many were you hoping for? And when were you like OMG I can’t believe I have this many?

RB: I started Vine with 0 intention of ever having “followers” – I mean it just didn’t even cross my mind. I had maybe 40 of my school friends on the app and then one day I covered a Drake song for fun. The next day I had 1000 followers. I was SO shocked and overwhelmed. I couldn’t believe it. Haha it was awesome.


YE: How did Vine help get the word out on your sound? What could others take away from your experience, what was most helpful to you?

RB: Vine helped me get my voice out there! People started sharing my 6 second videos with their friends and soon enough I found myself with thousands of followers! It was insane. I think my advice is just always be creative. Put your own twist on everything and be original.


YE: I saw your live session on YouTube, what was that experience like? Is there a tour in the works? Have you performed live before? Are you excited, nervous, nervous excited (ha)?

RB: Live sessions were awesome! It was lovely to find myself back at a keyboard in my comfort zone, just jamming out to my songs! Definitely a tour sometime soon. I haven’t done too much live performing, but every time I do it I fall more and more in love with it! I’m exnervited! A combo of both!

YE: In terms of your music what are you most looking forward to? What can fans expect?

RB: I’m mostly excited to release my full album! I’ve poured my heart out into the songs that I’ve written and I can’t wait for people to hear them and find friends in them! I just want to make music that people need. That’s so important to me.


YE: What has the fan experience been like? Any influential experiences?

RB: Incredible! I really do have to try and stay composed every time someone tells me that my song means something to them. It’s the most fulfilling feeling to know that I’ve touched someone in some way. Forever thankful for that.


YE: If you were able to collaborate with anyone, who would it be and why?

RB: Ed Sheeran would be CRAZY. I really look up to him and all that he does.



YE: What has been your favorite song to cover?

RB: “Let It Be” by the Beatles.


YE: What motivates you and keeps you going? And what can you tell others pursuing the same career?

RB: My passion! I do this because I’m truly obsessed with it. Follow your passions and pursue them relentlessly. Do it because you HAVE to.


What 5 songs are you currently listening to on replay?


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