Poll: Which Pig Is Kermit’s Soulmate on ‘The Muppets’?

The Muppets have returned to television, finally, with their very own series on ABC Tuesdays. This incarnation of The Muppets series is a mockumentary style show in which a camera crew follows the behind the scenes of Miss Piggy’s late night talk show that Kermit executive produces while various other Muppets staff the writer’s room and crew. Which makes for a lot of drama since, as you know unless you’ve been living in a cave, Kermy and Piggy broke up over the summer.

Exes working together is always a goldmine for comedy…and tragedy. As we find out in the premiere episode in which Piggy defiantly forbids Kermit from booking guest Elizabeth Banks for mysterious reasons relating to the breakup, and in another story line, we see that Kermit has moved on, and to another pig, no less, this one younger and hipper. (Even Kermit admits “I have a type.”) Kermy’s new GF is named Denise, and she’s the head of marketing for Miss Piggy’s show. She’s cool, understanding, thoughtful, sophisticated, and independent. But, she’s no Miss Piggy.

But Kermit implies that maybe that’s the reason he was drawn to Denise to begin with…. But after all these years of fighting and making up, there’s gotta be a reason the couple still eventually made up, right? If these two feisty lovers aren’t soulmates, then who is? The world doesn’t even make sense without these two together!!! But maybe Denise is actually the perfect pig to float Kermit’s lilypad? Hmmm…only time will tell, but share your opinion and tell us your pick for Kermy’s soulmate!!!

Kermit and Denise



Kermit and Miss Piggy


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