The Top Ten TV Moments Of 2015

Sitting in front of the TV every night moments are shared between characters. Moments of sadness, heartache, and love. Here Young Entertainment goes through the top 10 moments that touched us and had us full of emotions.








10. TEEN WOLF (Parasomnia S05E02) – Theo Raeken (played by Pretty Little Liar’s Cody Christian) joins the cast, but the moment that had us gasping and wanting more Theo is holding a hammer and smashes it on the hand of the person who was supposed to pretend to be his father.tumblr_ns9u8z01D31upt916o1_540


9. GLEE (Dreams Come True S06E13) – The final episode of Glee airs and the cast grows up. Rachel gets her lead in the broadway show about her while having Kurt and Blaine’s baby. Dreams really do come true.



8. FAKING IT (The Deep End S02E19) – Shane and Karma discuss the threesome they may or may not have had, and the results are HOT HOT HOT. media_3bff2af0-7cc8-11e5-9fd3-95f81cdc5bb7


7. THE FLASH (Out Of Time S01E15) – It’s the episode that the flash learns he can travel through time, but it’s also the episode when Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) kills Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes), it’s a moment that gets you thinking about what life is all about and how those last few minutes are so important.the-flash-out-of-time-5-136463


6. FINDING CARTER (Atonement S02E24) – This episode had a ton of moments that got us hooked, but the moment that we lost our breath was the moment Max kills Jared by cracking a glass bottle over Jared’s head.



5. ARROW (Green Arrow S04E01) – The season start off on amazing speeds and takes great turns, but it’s the last minute that gets us asking questions and wants to know more. The arrow is standing at someones grave (we all assume it’s Felicities, hopefully we’re wrong), but then the flash shows up and the two share a moment.death-arrowa


4. JANE THE VIRGIN (Chapter Twenty-Six S02E4) – Jane has been struggling deciding between Michael and Raphael, but in this episode she finally decides and has an unexpected moment with Michael. Check out the interview we did with Brett Dier as Michael about his incredible performance.


3. THE VAMPIRE DIARIES (I’m Thinking Of You All The While S06E22) – It’s the last episode for Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) and everyone says goodbye, but it’s the last goodbye when Elena dances with Damon that has us all in tears.maxresdefault


2. THE FOSTERS (Now Hear This S02E18) – Jude + Connor = Jonnor – #Jonnor gets number two on our countdown because the two have made us believe in love again. These two have all ready conquered so much, and it’s the kiss that gives each the acceptance they need to move forward and become the human beings they were meant to be.tumblr_static_tumblr_static__640


1. PRETTY LITTLE LIARS (Game Over, Charles S06E10) – ‘A’ is revealed. It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for, 6 years in the making and it has finally come. The girls are in one of ‘A’s’ lairs and they watch on a projected screen as she turns around, and it’s none other than CeCe Drake, aka Charles DiLaurentis who later transitioned to Charlotte DiLaurentis.

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There you have it our top 10 moments from TV over the past year. Which was your favorite? Which ones did we miss? Tell us in the comments below. Here’s to another amazing TV year in 2016.