The Ya Must List

The YA Must List chart

1. PLL (mid-season finale)

While we wont get all answers, hopefully some things will get brought to light in the mid-season finale of Pretty Little Liars. We’re hoping for a resolution on the Haleb front as well as some Allison answers. Don’t miss it!


2. As Above So Below

If you love horror, don’t miss As Above So Below. Archeology and history have never been so frightening!


3. One Death, Nine Stories

Fans of If I Stay will love this work from Marc Aronson. The collection of short stories will touch anyone ever affected by loss.

4. Finding Carter

Finding Carter is our new obsession and it should be yours, too. The drama is just beginning and we’re getting deeper into the mix of Carter’s world.


5. Mystery Girls (Season Finale)

The funniest new programming addition to ABC Family is winding down it’s first season. Don’t miss the finale as Holly and Charley’s hijinks reach new heights.


6. Ariana Grande – My Everything

The newest album from Grande showcases a more mature, lyrical side. It’s Ariana’s time…as evidenced by My Everything.


7. Rumble

Fans of The Giver will love Ellen Hopkins’ newest effort, Rumble. Rumble offers a new faith centric look at the YA genre.

8. Basement Jaxx – Junto

Basement Jaxx is back with a new sound on Junto. The duo rose to fame with their signature sound but this album will bring in a whole new audience.


9. The Island of Excess Love (Love in the Time of Global Warming #2)

YA master Francesca Lia Block is back with her newest effort, The Island of Excess Love. Weetzie Bat fans and fans of Block in general are sure to not be disappointed.


10. Play Me Backwards

Subversive, thrilling and unexpected Play Me Backwards is a book for people who don’t LOVE books, but also one for people who do. Don’t miss this book that can’t be described as anything short of amazing.