This year’s best LGBTQ+ young couples and one adult animated couple who live in a young adult world

YEM List of Best LGBTQ Couples

Every June is Pride Month. Quarantine has gifted us some of the most important same-sex relationships in television history. Here’s a look at YEM’s List of groundbreaking LGTBQ relationships over the last year:

1. Ian and Mickey (Shameless)


Ian and Mickey are one of the most enduring couples in television history. In Season 10, Ian and Mickey finally say “I Do” in a beautiful ceremony. 

2. Indy and Ty Sabrewing (DuckTales)

In the Season 3 reboot of the 80s cartoon, it is revealed that Violet has two dads. In an adorable way, both dads wear matching “I’m With Dad” t-shirts and are the best duo when it comes to raising their daughter. 

3. Cheryl and Toni (Riverdale)

The CW

Cheryl and Toni, known to fans as “Choni,” remain to be one of the best female power couples. The two are always going on adventures and helping each other out in the best ways. 

4. Alex and Tess (This Is Us)


Everyone loves following the famous Pearson family. Beth and Randall’s daughter Tess (Eris Baker) begins her journey to self-discovery as a queer Black woman. Tess begins a relationship with Alex, who is nonbinary. 

5. David and Patrick (Schitt’s Creek)


One of the most successful pieces of this smash-hit comedy involves David and Patrick’s union. The two get married in the season 6 finale, and fans could not help but cry at the emotional ceremony. 

6. Carlos and Seb (HSMTMTS)

Disney+ Fred Haynes

For those who loved High School Musical, there is no excuse not to love the HSM series. The mocumentary spin-off has tons of dancing and singing, as well as the trailblazing couple Carlos and Seb. Carlos adorably asks Seb to be his homecoming date, and from there, the two begin a relationship.

7. Benji and Victor (Love, Victor)

Gilles Mingasson/Hulu 

Love, Victor gives fans a heartwarming look at the relationship between Benji and Victor. The end of Season 1 shows Victor not only kiss Benji at the school dance, but also come out to his family. 

8. Drea and Matilda (Everything’s Gonna Be Okay)

Freeform Kelsey McNeal

Everything’s Gonna Be Okay is groundbreaking with the relationship between Drea and Matilda, as both are on the autism spectrum disorder. The show celebrates a “dual-spectrum,” meaning that both fall under the autism spectrum and identify as members of the LGBTQ community. In addition, Drea is asexual, adding more layers to embracing representation. 

9. Jules and Rue (Euphoria)


Euphoria has been a smash-hit success. Jules and Rue can tell each other anything. The duo share a deep, raw love that is worth exploring. Jules is also transgender, giving the show a huge platform to show the importance of transgender rights in schools.