Turner and Hooch: Disney+’s Upcoming Cop Show

Disney+ just dropped the trailer for one of their upcoming series “Turner & Hooch”. Hold onto your hats people, we’re in for a real treat with this one!

So, this show is a kind-of sequel or remake to the original film “Turner & Hooch” that starred Tom Hanks. That film is considered one of Hank’s greatest works and Disney+ decided to carry on its legacy and modernize it. Even though, unfortunately the great Tom Hanks did not make an appearance in the trailer. 

So, the series is centered around the son of Detective Scott Turner, Scott Turner (played by Josh Peck). The younger Scott inherits a big and wild dog named Hooch from his dad. His dad’s remarks were, “It is almost as if the original Hooch came back.” 

Hooch rides along with Turner everywhere he goes. They went on a car chase, which didn’t turn out so well for Turner as Hooch wouldn’t stay in his seat. Turner is seen in the trailer taking Hooch to dog obedience training. There it seems like the obedience trainer really knew how to do her stuff. Well, Hooch seems to listen to everyone except for Turner. Maybe Hooch just likes to mess with him. 

Towards the end of the trailer, right about when Turner seems fed up with his new dog, he’s given a letter from his late father. In that letter he wrote: “Scotty, I know you think you don’t want a dog but, everything i care about in my life started with a dog.” After that, Turner seems to show appreciation to Hooch and they finally seem to be getting along. 

Also, it seems like there might be a love interest for the US marshall. At the end of the trailer, Turner is seen getting very close with the obedience trainer. No good show is complete without a little romance. 

From the trailer alone, the show seems to be heartfelt, funny, and also cute. It looks like Turner has his hands full with Hooch. You can check out the riducilsy cute and funny Hooch for yourself through the trailer on Disney+ YouTube channel. Don’t miss it, it’s available on July 21st.