Throwback Thursday: Zac Efron

Zac Efron: From Summerland to We Are Your Friends

With Zac Efron playing a too-cool EDM DJ in this week’s We Are Your Friends (in theaters Friday), it’s hard to remember a time when the actor wasn’t so chiseled, worldly, and hip. But we at YE do remember that time…the time when Zac was still charming and cool, albeit a bit goofy and definitely NOT as “cool” as his DJ character, and that time was during his work on the WB series Summerland back in 2004-2005 when he played Cameron Bale, boyfriend of Nikky Westerly, a displaced orphan learning to cope with life in her aunt’s California beachside home. I guess everyone, even hot international superstars, has an awkward phase. But it’s so great to see current day Zac, cool and charismatic as ever, tearing it up in huge comedies like Neighbors and more dramatic fare like this week’s We Are Your Friends. Check out the Summerland-era photos of Zac below and see just how hip he’s become as he’s matured!!!