Top 10 Archieverse songs and musical moments

It might be an unpopular opinion, but we must admit, we love a good musical episode. Not every musical episode in a TV series hits its mark, and there have been plenty of cringe moments to make any audience swear off of them altogether. But watching a beloved character sing their heart out to express some pent-up emotion is that major musical theater energy that we simply can’t resist. Riverdale is notorious for its musical episodes that they’ve faithfully brought back every season. Other Archieverse series have showed up on the musical episode front, including Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and Katy Keene.

Photo: Robert Falconer/The CW — © 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

While not all the songs were winners, there were a few moments in Archieverse musical history that were pure gold. Let’s take a look at a countdown of the best.

“Masquerade” – CAOS

It may not have been from a musical episode per se, but “Masquerade,” sung by Sabrina in the part 2 finale of CAOS, will go down as one of its more spectacular moments. Sabrina charms her father Lucifer with her vocal talents and theatrical performance. And we can’t say we blame him for being distracted by the display.

“The Song of Purple Summer” – CAOS

Another addition to our list is “The Song of Purple Summer” (originally from the musical Spring Awakening) from part 3. The haunting song, lead beautifully by Kiernan Shipka, transports us to another realm steeped in ancient mystic powers and forgotten lore as the coven performs the Hare Moon rituals.

“Seventeen” – Riverdale

The harmonies from this song – Betty and Jughead’s in particular – will always make us feel weak in the knees. From the Broadway adaptation of 90s black comedy Heathers, “Seventeen” is the perfect song to portray Betty and Jughead’s as well as Cheryl and Toni’s devotion to each other.

“Beautiful” – Riverdale

Kevin really showed up for this song, impressing us with his belting power and vocal range. We love the meta interpretation of the Heathers Musical by portraying Cheryl, Veronica, and Betty as the three Heathers.

“People Like Us” – Riverdale

Josie and Archie sing this soulful duet originally from the musical The Wild Party after Josie realizes she should focus on living her life more in the present. After their little impromptu jam and some sexual tension you could cut with a knife, the long-awaited kiss between the two finally happens.

“You’ll Never Walk Alone” – Riverdale

“You’ll Never Walk Alone” is a classic from Rodgers and Hammerstein’s musical Carousel that will always bring down the house. Cheryl sings this beautiful song, all decked out in a black cheerleading uniform and a black cowl, as a tribute to her beloved Vixen Midge after her untimely death.

“You Shine” – Riverdale

We’re treated with an Archie and Betty duet as they sing “You Shine” from the revival of Carrie. The song also features heartwarming moments between Betty and Veronica when they make up after a fight and another glimpse of Choni’s sweet relationship.

“Wig In a Box” – Riverdale

A makeover musical montage? Yes, please! The girls try to cheer Kevin up after he’s banned from performing at the Variety Show by getting a little creative with some makeup and wigs while singing this musical number from Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

“Kiss of the Spider Woman” – Katy Keene

Jorge knocked it out of the park when he sang Kiss of the Spider Woman, a theatrical number from a musical of the same name. Jorge sings the song with Josie as a showcase to blend his drag talents with his Broadway flair. We must say he gave a performance that was to die for!

“Jailhouse Rock” – Riverdale

The River Vixen cheerleading squad gave the detention center quite a show when they rolled out Jailhouse Rock, originally by Elvis Presley in a similarly titled musical. The joint certainly began to swing when Cheryl, Veronica, and Josie busted out their moves.  

So, what is your favorite musical moment from the Archiverse?