Top 10 Best Places to Live from Film & TV

If you are a young adult and love film and TV then you have likely thought about how cool it would be to live in some of the places that your favorite movies and tv shows are filmed. Today we have put together a list of the top 10 best places to live for young adults based on some of your favorite film and tv shows. We know this is a hypothetical list but we can all dream a little and can probably agree that every location that made our list we be a great place to live for young adults.

1. Hogwarts, Harry Potter

hogwarts would be one of the best places to live for young adults

Looking for a place to hone your magical gifts? Take the train from Platform 9 ¾ to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Professors like Minerva McGonnagall and Rubeus Hagrid create a culture that makes learning informative and fun. Not to mention there’s the super cozy dormitories. There’s no doubt that this would be one of the best places to live for young adults.

2. The Barnavelt House, The House with a Clock in its Walls

best places to live for young adults

Consider staying at  Jonathan Barnavelt’s house from The House with a Clock in its Walls (2018). A warlock, Barnavelt keeps his house populated by whimsical sentient furniture, a hedge lion, and a stained-glass window painting that changes based on your mood. Things at Jonathan’s are quite… different. Young adults would thrive in this environment.

3. Naboo, the Star Wars prequels

Star Wars fans would agree that this city would be one of the best places to live for young adults

Of all the locales in the Star Wars saga, none has been quite as exotic as Queen/Senator Padme Amidala’s home planet of Naboo. With beautiful Venetian-style architecture, lush plant life, and breathtaking waterfalls and canals, Naboo is a perfect and peaceful place to live. I’m sure young adults who are Star Wars fans would tend to agree that this would be one of the best places to live for young adults.

4. Forks, the Twilight saga

a city for young adults

Come on down to Forks, Seattle, home of Twilight leads Bella Swan and Edward Cullen. Every year, the city hosts its own four-day ‘Twilight in Forks’ festival, full of fun runs, ‘Cook Like Bella’ classes, and even meet-and-greets with the cast. 

5. The Beast’s Castle, Beauty and the Beast

young adults lived in the beauty and the beast castle

Nothing quite beats the Beast’s castle from the 1991 animated version of Beauty and the Beast. With elegant gargoyles, towering turrets that reach the heavens, and a magical staff consisting of talking teacups, if you want much more than this provincial life, take leave at this glorious estate.

6. The Shire, The Lord of the Rings 

lord of the rings house is perfect for young adults

Join the hobbits in the warm and welcoming Shire. If you’re okay with having to always bend down to maneuver around the house, you’ll enjoy the homeliness of the locals, the rowdy festivities. And with Gandalf the Great consistently making visits, magical times are never far away.

7. NOT Gotham City, The Dark Knight Trilogy

the city of gotham

You NEVER want to live in Gotham City as it’s presented in the Dark Knight trilogy. Filled with organized crime, corrupt law enforcement and government leaders, it is never a safe or civil place to be. 

8. Coruscant, Star Wars prequels

A Star Wars city that would be fun to live in

Love big-city life? You’ll feel right at home on Coruscant. Combining a bustling, thriving business district with an equally bustling night life of great bars, clubs, and restaurants, you won’t be sorry. We are sure many young adults would find it to be a pretty pleasant place to live.

9. Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, X-Men

Dream home for young adults

No home is more glamorous than Tony Stark’s from the Iron Man trilogy (2008-13). Resting atop the beachside of California, away from the hustle of the rest of the city, catered to by AI butler Jarvis, Stark’s resources are constantly at your disposal. We can’t talk about the best places to live for young adults without mentioning Tony Stark’s hillside mansion. It’s simply a no-brainer.

10. NOT District 12, The Hunger Games

The hunger games district 12

You do NOT wang to live in District 12. Primarily a mining district, it is impoverished, with citizens constantly scrapping for food, and not many jobs. It’s best to steer clear.