Can’t Get Enough of Harry’s House? Check Out These 10 Songs by Independent Artists

After Harry Styles released his third solo album, fans have been hard at work, poring over lyrics and breaking down each song. It’s been almost two weeks since the release date, though, and while Harry Styles never gets old, some may be craving new content already. While it may be a while until he releases new music, here are ten songs by independent artists that’ll hold fans over until then. 

 First up on the playlist is “Insomnia” by KALI. With how polished and enjoyable her sound is, it’s hard to believe that she released her first song just two years ago. “Insomnia” is an all-encompassing, wholly satisfying musical experience, made so by the trippy instrumentals that overload the senses in the best way. Through the lyrics, KALI grapples with a romantic dilemma that Harry fans will know all too well: “Do I really need you back in my life?/If I don’t think you could ever treat me right.” Listen with headphones. Prepare to get blown away. 

KALI’s musical prowess doesn’t stop there. One of her newest singles, “Addicted,” is another song where the electric guitar absolutely shines, with a great riff that hits just right. Her vocals, impossibly, are even dreamier here, making “Addicted” the freer, more upbeat twin of “Insomnia.” 

Those seeking a song with a calmer vibe will fall in love with Goth Babe’s “Sometimes.” Released in 2018, it manages to be both relaxing and engaging, giving listeners a song to melt into. The song’s soft vocals and fun beats are sure to be appreciated by Harry fans. 

Next up is “Computer Talk” by austenyo. With smooth vocals that rival even Harry’s, “Computer Talk” also showcases some funky beats that take inspiration from techno, living up to the song’s name. Following it up is a song perfect for Pride Month: Fleece’s “Upside Down.” It’s carefree and breezy, with an infectious quality that could make even the most stoic of listeners tap their feet. With fun lyrics that celebrate gay love, “Upside Down” is a song that sounds like it’s sung with a smile the whole way through. 

Lutalo’s latest, “For Now,” is the ideal listen for fans of Harry’s slower, sadder fare. Lutalo’s voice is low and tinged with melancholy. The song ends on a somewhat nostalgic note; not with a swell of instruments, but with chirping crickets and a door creaking shut, providing a small glimpse of the artist’s life. 

On the more romantic side of things is DAISY’s “Way Cool Baby Love.” Its strong, crooning vocals pair well with Harry’s own flirtatious lyrics. The relaxed instrumentals let the vocals to really shine; it’s a total musical treat.  

Number eight on the playlist is Buddha Trixie’s “Pitbull Goes To The Club.” Its synthesized beat makes it great for dancing (and for anyone having a “movie montage” moment). It’s the kind of alt-pop vibe that fits right alongside “Music For A Sushi Restaurant.” 

“Talk Words” by Bickle follows, supplying more loads of easy, irresistible fun. Released in 2021, this song’s sweet lyrics endear the track to listeners; it’s sure to make people sway and smile. Finishing off the playlist is another cheery track: Jazz Emu’s “Light Touch.” Off his 2020 album (Sic), it’s the artist’s most popular song to date; what with its smooth falsetto vocals, and instrumentals that tell you where he got the first half of his stage name, it’s easy to see why. It’s coy in a way Harry fans will appreciate, with a dash of camp that makes it stand out. 

You can listen to the full playlist here. Let us know your favorites!