Top 10 Jet Moments from HSMTMTS

Jet was the new character that was introduced in season three of “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” and became one of the main characters for the recent season. Along with the regular crew, he auditioned for Camp Shallow Lake’s “Frozen” production and was casted as the role of Prince Hans. With our interview with Adrian coming on Wednesday, it was time to highlight some of Jet’s best moments.  Without further ado, here are top ten moments Jet had in the season and what we learned from him.

1. Right Place

“Right Place” is a song Jet performs on the piano after a fight with Maddox. The crew was in the middle of trying to create fake drama for the documentary and since Jet had mysterious characteristics, he got the title of “bad boy” and needed to act tough for the camera. At one point, Jet feels Maddox is telling everyone how they feel so he yells to stop her. Maddox gets angry and reveals to all their friends they are siblings and asks Jet why he left her alone. “Right Place” shares his side of the story of the fallout between the two. 

Here are some of the lyrics:


“Fires always love to start around me

Thought you’d be better off without me.

Walking away was all that I could do 

Swear I only had the best intentions

No idea that you would feel abandoned.”


“I’m nobody’s perfect, I know I made some mistakes

Give it a little time and you’ll realize 

That my heart is in the right place.”

2. Jetney

Jet and Kourtney (Jetney) became one of the biggest ships in Season 3.  The two met in camp and from the start the chemistry was there. Jet even says that he is is love with Kourtney. The relationship, or friendship, is very cute and shows the true meaning of ‘puppy love’. 

3. Wouldn’t Change A Thing

The prom goes on and Jet and Maddox end up singing “Wouldn’t Change a Thing.” This is a special moment as Maddox is the one to pick the song, grabs the mike, and ends up calling Jet to the stage to start the duet with her. It’s kind of like an olive branch that Jet has proven to Maddox that he’s sorry for everything that’s happened. Maddox picking the song shows Jet that she wouldn’t change anything that’s happened.

4. For the First Time In Forever

Jet first started out the season as the mysterious kid in the boys bunk who didn’t talk much. When Dewey catches Jet hiding out in the bunk in the second episode, it forces Jet to go audition for the camp’s production of “Frozen”. He stuns the crowd with his rendition of “For the First Time In Forever” (you can watch his part here: When Jet gets back at the end of the night, he finds a note Ricky wrote him reading “pretty good for someone who doesn’t sing.” 

5. The Prom Plan

Ricky and Jet work together to create the most epic 70’s themed prom. Jet’s motivation is to help reunite Maddox and Madison at the place where they broke up last year, giving Jet the perfect opportunity to help not only fix Maddox and Madison’s relationship, but his with Maddox’s as well. For Ricky, he wants to get Gina back as he realizes he shouldn’t have given her up in the first place. 

6. Ricky and Jet

Throughout the season, Ricky tries to befriend Jet even though Jet seems uninterested and doesn’t want to be friends with anyone. That doesn’t stop Ricky from trying to get him to open up whether it is singing or just talking. A special moment between the two happens when Jet leaves after a fight with Maddox. Jet talks to Ricky and explains how he was a bad brother to Maddox. In the Color Wars episode, Jet reveals to Ricky he never meant to out Maddox to his parents and didn’t even know about them, he just thought it was unfair that he wasn’t allowed to date yet Maddox could. Ricky gives him advice to help resolve Jet and Maddox’s relationship. The rest of season three flies by with the two of them working together and becoming friends with meaningful moments between the two of them.

7. Newbie Initiation Gone Wrong

Jet decides to join in on the phone and go to newbie initiation. While Maddox is running the shrine she set up, Jet sits next to Ricky. From day one, Ricky has tried getting Jet to talk to him but hasn’t made any progress. While by the campfire, Jet makes a joke about eating Ricky’s twizzlers. While EJ sings “The Ballad of Susan Fine,” Ricky playfully hits Jet with twizzlers as if he’s playing the drums. Things take a turn when Maddox is telling a scary story, Jet interrupts making jokes about it. Maddox gets mad and storms off with Jet following her. She snaps and reveals they are brother and sister and camp was the one place Maddox went to get away from their family.

8. Literally Went Into The Unknown

One moment in the show, Jet decides to not go to the read throw and just go home. He feels upset about what Maddox says and tries getting his parents to come get him. His parents refuse saying he has to go back and stay at camp. Val finds Jet once he gets back and has a talk with him. Jet listens as Val shares that he let everyone down today by skipping the read through and that people were counting on him. He feels badly about it and now knows he needs to prove to everyone he doesn’t need to be replaced and won’t let them down again.

9. Jet Helps Win Color Wars

The yellow team consists of Jet, Maddox, Kourtney and Carlos for the Color War. After talking with Ricky, Jet is going to work hard in order to win the Color War for Maddox. Jet and Maddox work together and have fun throughout the day. In the end, Jet ends up helping Maddox win which leaves her happy about it. 

10. Prince Hans

While he did shock the cast and crew when he showed up late to auditions, Val and EJ determined that Jet was the perfect man to play Hans. There were some mishaps along the way before show day like when he left camp and let everyone down, but Jet made up for it by working hard to gain everyone’s trust. Jet made sure to be friends with everyone by helping win Color War, setting up prom, and being supportive throughout the whole process of getting ready for the documentary and “Frozen.”