Top 10 Things to Read, Watch & Listen to from October 23-29

1. ‘She Said, He Said, She Said’ by Joshua Bassett

In this sensational new single from Joshua Bassett, he sings about the complicatedness of love, and the nature of being in a toxic relationship. It may cover dark themes, but it definitely is a catchy tune to listen to. And while you’re at it, if you still haven’t yet, make sure to read YEM’s past article on Bassett’s album, Sad Songs in a Hotel Room. 

Sad Songs in a Hotel Room

2. Family Reunion, Part 5 (Netflix) (October 27)

Join the McKellan again, as they continue on their various misadventures in navigating their lives as Georgians instead of Seattlites. On the subject of wanting to laugh, make sure to check out our recent article on Netflix’s annual Tudum event, where the cast of Never Have I Ever got together for a table read in advance of the show’s fourth and final season.

3. The Sevenfold Hunters by Rose Egal (October 25)

Hijabi alien hunter Abyan desires nothing more than to graduate from Carlisle Academy and rid the planet of a race known as the Nosaru. But when the Nosaru kill one of Abyan’s squad mates, he’s faced with an incompetent new partner named Artemis. As Carlisle refuses to kick her out, Abyan soon discovers some unsettling secrets behind it all. Also, don’t forget to check out our previous New Book Tuesday article.

New Book Tuesday: October 11th

4. Marginalia by Ella Jane (Music album) (October 28)

In this somber, sonic blast of an album, Ella Jane meditates on the perils of heartbreak. But despite the tears it’ll undoubtedly bring, you’ll also be tapping your feet when you least expect it. And if you missed it before, make sure to read our article on another up-and-comer, Lindsey Lomis, who got to open up for Joshua Bassett during his big tour. 

YEM Interview: Lindsey Lomis opens up for Joshua Bassett’s Headline Tour

5. Green Lantern: Beware My Power (HBO Max) (October 24)

In this direct-to-streaming animated actioner, John Stewart (voiced by Aldis Hodge), a recently discharged Marine sniper, is unexpectedly given a powerful extraterrestrial ring that turns him into the Green Lantern of Earth. Speaking of powerful beings, take a look back at our article on everything that you need know about the upcoming Teen Wolf movie.

Teen Wolf: The Movie – Everything You Need to Know

6. We Are All We Have by Marina Budhos (October 25)

When seventeen-year-old Rania’s mother is taken away by ICE, she and her brother must figure out how to thrive on their own. Soon, they find themselves in a home with other youth waiting to find out if they can stay in the country or not, whereupon Rania meets a charming boy named Carlo. As the two get to know and fall in love with each other, and Carlo pushes Rania to pursue her graduation from high school, she soon discovers some shattering secrets about her family, which threaten her future.

7. YEM Exclusive Interview/with Garrett Clayton (YEM article)

In this exciting interview, YEM got to sit down with actor Garrett Clayton to talk about his eclectic career, from Teen Beach Movie to Hairspray Live, and delve into how he got started. 

YEM Exclusive Interview | with Garrett Clayton

8. Mercurial by Vera Blue (Music album) (October 28)

This talented folk singer/songwriter brings her unique touch to a brand-new album all about her internal journey after the completion and release of her first album, ‘Perennial’. With songs from ‘Regular Touch’ to ‘Settle’, it’s a powerful emotional journey that you just have to check out. Oh, and definitely remember to look at last week’s New Music Friday article, if you want a playlist to give you the goosebumps. 

New Music Friday: ‘Identity’

9. Black Adam (October 21)

Oops! Looks like we forgot this one last week. The almighty and powerful Black Adam (Dwayne Johnson) is finally freed from prison after 5,000 years, and prepares to bring justice to a corrupt world. It’s sure to be a visually stunning ride, with The Rock bringing his usual charm, as well as a darker side of his acting range. In the spirit of fantastical action-adventures, make sure to look back at our article on the after-credits scene from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (2022). 

Did You Catch The Sonic the Hedgehog 2 After Credits Scene?

10. Who Do You Think You Are (Official Music Video)- Kiana Lede and Cautious Clay

If you liked The School for Good and Evil, definitely check out this music video for the film’s original song, ‘Who Do You Think You Are’, channeling the movie’s themes of identity, and what drives us to be the people we are today.