Top 10 Things to Read, Watch & Listen to from December 24th- December 31st

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from YEM! If you are looking for some fun and festive finds, you should check out the list below.

1) Glisten and The Merry Mission

Follow along in the story of a young elf named Marzipan as she and her mother Cinnameg ignite the magic of the season and help Santa when his workshop faces a massive toy shortage as the Christmas season nears. Watch along as Marzipan must track down Glisten the magic snow deer and save Christmas. If you are looking for a Rudolph inspired tale for the whole family, then this new animated movie is perfect for you.

2) The Boys in the Boat

Releasing in theaters on Christmas day is the blockbuster film The Boys in The Boat. Starring heartthrob Callum Turner, this movie tells the story of the 1936 Olympic rowing team and their journey from the University of Washington to Berlin. From director George Clooney, comes this film with timeless cinematography and classic feel. If you are looking for an exciting activity for this holiday season, then head to a theater near you and check out this new film. 

3) “The Snoopy Show – Happiness is Holiday Tradition”

Snoopy is back to let us know that “Happiness is Holiday Traditions”. Check out this TV special on “The Snoopy Show” and tune in for a sweet reminder to appreciate traditions and what makes the holiday special. Watch along for a tasteful reminder to cherish family and festivity this holiday season. 

4) Merry Little Batman

Luke Wilson stars in the hilarious animated holiday movie event Merry Little Batman. Join in as Damian Wayne finds himself alone in Wayne Manor and has to hold down the fort and defend his home from evil supervillains who are threatening to ruin the holidays. Catch this holiday superhero special now!

5) Ruthless Vows – Rebecca Ross

In this brand-new book, available on December 26th, read along in the sequel novel of the Letter of Enchantment series. The stunning romance and intense love story started in the first book Divine Rivals continues in this war-torn plot. Author Rebecca Ross has outdone herself again. If you are looking for a good way to continue the holiday magic after Christmas, pick up this book at any bookstore on December 26th. 

6) How the Gringo Stole Christmas

In George Lopez’s new movie How the Gringo Stole Christmas, check out a Mexican father (Bennie) coming to terms with his daughters uninvited gringo boyfriend. This movie is hilarious and fun for the whole family. If you are looking for a new film to make into a Christmas classic, check it out. Watch now, available on Hulu, YouTube, and Amazon Prime.

7) Christmas With Boygenius

In this new YouTube interview episode with the band Boygenius, they cover some Christmas traditions and shenanigans. Check it out as they discuss some of the things that they love (and hate) about the Christmas season. If you are a fan of Phoebe Bridgers or Boygenius then you absolutely have to check out the popular rising star band’s behind the scenes interview today. 

8) “A Very Demi Holiday Special”

In this special hosted by star Demi Lovato, check out her very Demi takes on some Christmas classics, not to mention some of her original songs. Check out this Christmas masterpiece as Demi sings songs, learns some dance moves from The Nutcracker ballet, and chats Christmas traditions with some of her friends like Paris Hilton and Trixie Mattel. You definitely don’t want to miss out on this “Very Demi Holiday Special.”

Check out her songs on YouTube below:

9) Laufey – A Very Laufey Holiday!

In this holiday single special from rising pop icon Laufey, she puts every listener into the Christmas spirit. If you are looking for some Christmas tunes to carry you through the season, this little Christmas album is perfect for you. With songs like “The Christmas Waltz” and “Love to Keep Me Warm” you are sure to feel the sweetness of the season in every note. 

10) Elf

Last but not least, you can’t have Christmas season without this hilarious classic. If you have seen Elf you love it and if you haven’t then what are you even doing? You have to gather the family around and watch this movie before the season ends. Catch Will Ferrell as he travels far and wide to find his real father in the New York City snow. 

Thanks for tuning into this week’s Christmas releases. Hope you have enjoyed these new Christmas finds and have a Happy Holidays!