Top 20 interviews of 2023

Happy Holidays from YEM, everyone! The new year will soon be upon us, and what better way to celebrate with us? We have brought in different kinds of entertainment news for you this year, and this year has graced us with these amazing, talented artists, authors, actors, actresses, and more. We’re here to talk about the Top 20 interviews that YEM has compiled together over this year.

1. Casey Likes

Not only did we have the chance to interview Broadway star Casey Likes, but Young Entertainament also photographed Casey at a studio in New York, complete with hair, makeup, and stylists. Casey is becoming a big name in the Broadway scene, thanks to his most recent role playing Marty McFly in the musical production of Back to the Future. In addition to capturing Casey on camera, he talked about his passion for live theater, being discovered at the Jimmy Awards, and the importance of bringing the legendary Back to the Future film to the stage. If you’re interested in learning more about Casey, his Broadway journey, and the characters he has played, check out the interview here:

“Future Boy” Casey Likes gets lost in time in our Exclusive Photoshoot

2. Peyton Elizabeth Lee and Blake Draper – Prom Pact

One of the most fun interviews this year was with Peyton Elizabeth Lee and Blake Draper from the hit Disney Channel movie Prom Pact. Peyton played the ambitious main character Mandy Yang and Blake played the all-star jock Graham Lansing. The chemistry between these two actors was off the charts in the interview, and they talked to us about preparing for their on screen kisses and their character’s get ready with me routines. Peyton also gave us insight into her character’s powerful speech at graduation and how she prepared for it. If you want to see more of these two actors together, first watch Prom Pact and also check out the interview here:

3. Robbie Couch

Wondering what new books to read in the new year? Look no further than stories by the author Robbie Couch, who we had the opportunity to talk to. Robbie published If I See You Again Tomorrow in April, which received rave reviews. We chatted with Robbie about his career as an author and tips on how to start writing! For those interested in learning about Robbie’s work and books to add to your 2024 list, check out the interview here:

YEM Exclusive Interview | with Robbie Couch author of “If I See You Again Tomorrow”

4.Will Spencer

Still can’t stop thinking about Season 2 of The Summer I Turned Pretty? Can’t wait for Season 3? YEM got to speak with Will Spencer, who played Milo in the second season of the hit show. Will was originally known for his roles including Charlie from Ghost Squad and Bobby Spade from The Amazing Wizard of Paws before booking Milo. We talked to Will about the audition experience for The Summer I Turned Pretty and his thoughts on the characters. Check out the rest of the interview here:

Who will win Taylor’s heart on The Summer I Turned Pretty? “Milo” tells all | Young Entertainment Mag

5. Lynn Painter

Want another rom-com read recommendation? Check no further than the book Betting on You by best-selling author Lynn Painter. Lynn is known for crafting incredibly descriptive and powerful female characters in her books and Betting on You is no different. Lynn shared with us how she gets into her character’s heads, her favorite tropes, and insight into readers’ biggest questions about her books. If you’re interested in learning more about an author’s writing process, check out the interview here:

YEM Author Interview: Lynn Painter opens up about her new book “Betting on You” and what makes her characters tick

6. Elijah Woods

Elijah Woods is on the list of our Top 5 Emerging Artists of 2023 and he was also one of our favorite interviews this year because of his charm and his evident love for music and his fans. Elijah released the song last girl this year in a star-studded duet with country singer Mackenzie Porter. Elijah talked about his favorite songs to cover in concerts, his love for his fans, and his plans for a potential US tour in 2024. If you are looking for new music, check no further than singer and songwriter Elijah Woods and watch the interview here:

Singer Songwriter, Elijah Woods is counting numbers and giving us the Deats on what a US tour would look like | Young Entertainment Mag

7. Katie Douglas

Ginny and Georgia was one of the most popular shows on Netflix when Season 2 was released in January, and we were so excited to get Katie Douglas, who plays Abby Littman on the show, to talk with us. In the interview, Katie talked about being in such a popular show that has reached and touched many people all around the world. She also gave insight into the audition process and what it was like playing Abby. The show was renewed for a Season 3, which YEM cannot wait for. But first, watch the interview with Katie here:

YEM Exclusive Interview | with Katie Douglas from Ginny & Georgia

8. Chelsea Clark

Here is another member of the Ginny and Georgia cast! Chelsea Clark plays Norah in the show. Chelsea has starred in many roles, in both musical theater and on television. She talked with us about the Ginny and Georgia cast and the family they have built and some of her favorite behind-the-scenes moments while on set and filming. If you can’t get enough of Ginny and Georgia and you’re interested in learning more about what happens off camera and the relationships between Chelsea and her cast members, watch the interview here:

YEM Exclusive Interview | with Chelsea Clark from Ginny & Georgia

9. Ashley Aufderheide

Looking for a sense of nostalgia? For fans of That ‘70s Show who haven’t watched the reboot yet, check out That ‘90s Show and our interview with Ashley Aufderheide, who stars as Gwen. Ashley talked to us about her excitement at being cast in a reboot of a hit sitcom. She also gave us insight into how she would describe her character Gwen. If you’re interested in learning more about the characters and the show in general, watch the interview with Ashley here:

YEM Exclusive Interview w/ New Up-and-Coming star of “That 90s Show” Ashley Aufderheide

10. Dylan Sprayberry

Interested in the supernatural? Dylan Sprayberry, who played Liam Dunbar, talked to us about playing a werewolf after reprising his role in the Teen Wolf movie that was released in January. Dylan was also in the original Teen Wolf series from 2011 and he gave us insight into his thoughts on the film and the development of his character. If you’re interested in learning what Dylan missed from the original series and what was new about the film and the challenges of shooting a movie, watch the interview with Dylan here:

YEM Exclusive Interview | with Dylan Sprayberry from Teen Wolf

11. Kai Zen

Calling all Guardians of the Galaxy fans! Kai Zen, who played Phyla in the third volume of the movie, sat down with YEM to talk about the film and the cast. Guardians of the Galaxy has a long and storied history as a franchise and Kai mentioned how she did self-takes for the audition process for Phyla and the knowledge she had of her character before being cast. If you are interested in learning more about one of the actors in the popular film, check out our interview with Kai here:

YEM Exclusive Interview | with Kai Zen from Guardians of the Galaxy


Still thinking about the final season of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series? YEM definitely is. Thankfully we had an interview with stars Julia Fester (Ashlyn), Frankie Rodriguez (Carlos), and Dara Reneé (Kourtney) to talk to us about their time on the show and the season finale. We got to learn more about how their character’s storylines were wrapped up and the final season, where the drama club put on a stage adaptation of High School Musical 3: Senior Year. We were so happy to talk with Julia, Dara, and Carlos again and cannot wait to see where the success from this show takes them! You can check out the interview with the three of them here:

Working with Tim Federle on their final scenes, the cast of HSMTMTS | Young Entertainment Mag

13. Tahj Mowry

Transport yourself back to your childhood as The Muppets Mayhem, the comedy musical series about The Muppets bands’ journey to record their first album, was released this year. Tahj Mowry portrayed Gary ‘Moog’ Moogowski in the series and talked with us about how he first found out about the project and the audition process. He expressed to us that he loves Disney and being a part of The Muppets franchise was “really cool,” If you’re interested in learning more about the series and Tahj’s character, check out the interview here:

YEM Exclusive Interview | with Tahj Mowry from The Muppets Mayhem

14. Griffin Gluck

Have a soft spot for teen dramas? YEM sat down this year with Griffin Gluck, who starred as Luke Chambers in Season 2 of Cruel Summer. The second season of the show focused on the rise and fall of friendship between the two main characters, Kate Wallis and Jeanette Turner. Griffin has a ton of acting experience already and talked with us about how he would describe his character and what you can expect from Season 2 of the show. Check out our interview with Griffin here:

YEM Exclusive Interview | with Griffin Gluck from Cruel Summer

15. David Iacono

Calling all Cam Cameron fans! As one of the most beloved characters on The Summer I Turned Pretty, YEM chatted with David Iacono, who plays Cam Cameron in the hit Netflix series. David mentioned the differences between shooting Season 1 and Season 2 of the show and his excitement at learning he would be in the second season as his character Cam was originally only featured in the first book by Jenny Han. If you’re interested in learning more about David’s background in acting and his experiences on set of The Summer I Turned Pretty, watch the interview here:

We got “Cam Cameron” to talk about his big kiss with Skye in The Summer I Turned Pretty | Young Entertainment Mag

16. Anthony Keyvan

XO Kitty was one of YEM’s top new shows this year, as it captured viewers’ hearts as a spinoff to the To All the Boys film series. Anthony Keyvan, who played Q, Kitty’s best friend in the show, talked about the magical experience of filming in Seoul, South Korea and his excitement at playing a new kind of character in Q. We had chatted with Anthony before in his role as Rahim in the series Love, Victor so we are glad to have had the chance to talk with him again for another hit show. If you’re interested in learning more about Anthony and XO Kitty, which was renewed for a second season, watch the interview here:

YEM Exclusive Interview | with Anthony Keyvan from XO, Kitty

17. Olivia Holt

Any Broadway fans? Olivia Holt starred as Roxie Hart in the hit musical Chicago, one of the longest running musicals in American history. Olivia talked about her debut Broadway theater experience after mainly being involved in music and television in her career up to this point. She said she had grown up in theater and had seen Chicago almost 10 years ago so to star in it was a dream come true. If you’re interested in learning more about the hit Broadway show and the experience playing Roxie, watch the interview with Olivia here:

YEM Exclusive Interview | with Olivia Holt from Chicago on Broadway

18. Tyler Lawrence Gray

The show Wolf Pack came from the creator of Teen Wolf and tells the story of two teenagers who discover they’re werewolves and band together with another duo to unravel the secrets that connect them. Tyler Lawrence Gray played Harlan Briggs in the show and talked to us about working with Jeff Davis, the creator and director of Teen Wolf: The Movie and the audition process to book his role. Tyler revealed that he took inspiration from previous Teen Wolf episodes to try and incorporate into his character in Wolf Pack. If you’re interested in learning more, check out our interview with Tyler here:

YEM Exclusive Interview | with Tyler Lawrence Gray from Wolf Pack

19. Devyn Nekoda

Any horror fans out there? Devyn Nekoda plays Anika Kayoko in SCREAM 6 and gave us insight into her audition for the storied horror franchise and the experience of getting to act alongside a star-studded cast. Devyn revealed to us that she isn’t even a big horror fan but said it was so much fun to work on the set of SCREAM 6. If you’re interested in learning more about Devyn as an actor and some funny behind-the-scenes moments, check out the interview here:

YEM Exclusive Interview | with Devyn Nekoda from Scream VI

20. Laura Marano

Actress and singer/songwriter Laura Marano was vulnerable and open in talking to us about her debut album which came out this year, i may be an actress but i can’t fake how i feel. Laura spoke about her inspirations and her love for songwriting and connecting with fans during shows. She first got her start playing the character Ally on the hit Disney Channel show Austin and Ally alongside Ross Lynch and revealed she would love to collaborate with Ross one day. If you haven’t listened to Laura’s album, you are missing out! Check out our chat with her here to wrap up an incredible 2023 interview lineup:

Laura Marano discusses a maybe reunion with Ross Lynch in this Exclusive Interview | Young Entertainment Mag