Top 10 Things to Read, Watch & Listen to from December 31st- January 6th

As the holiday season winds down and we head into the new year, why not add some new releases while you are at it? Check them out below!

1) “Good Trouble” – New Season

In the new episodes from the fifth season of “Good Trouble,” a popular spinoff of the hit TV show “The Fosters,” watch along as Callie and Mariana Foster (Played by Maia Mitchell and Cierra Ramirez) navigate their new lives in Los Angeles. Life in a big city is a little crazier than expected and in this new season, there are some crazy twists and turns that will leave fans on the edge of their seats. You definitely don’t want to miss out on this new addition to “Good Trouble.”

2) “The Brothers Sun” 

In this new series from Netflix starring Sam Li, Justin Chein and Michelle Yeoh, watch along as the leader of a Taiwanese triad is killed by an assassin and his two sons have to figure out how to carry on his legacy. Only one problem, one of the sons has no idea about the truth of his family. Join in this week and kick off your year with this action-packed family drama series. Streaming this Thursday January 4th, 2024. 

Check out the trailer below and stay tuned for an exclusive YEM interview with star Sam Li as we get the scoop on what it was like to work on the set of “The Brothers Sun”!

3) A Fragile Enchantment – Allison Saft

In this new fantasy romance novel from Allison Saft, read along as a magical dressmaker finds herself in the middle of a dramatic wedding party as she makes a dress for the woman betrothed to the man of her dreams. With love and scandal, this novel is everything we could possibly want out of a romance story this year. Pick it up wherever you get your books this Tuesday. 

4) Morgan Lee Powers – How Naïve

Morgan Lee Powers, rising country music sweetheart, is set to release her highly anticipated debut album, How Naïve. Combining the raw emotion of Texas country with the creative aspects of Nashville pop-country, Morgan Lee Powers presents a collection of tracks that resonate with authenticity and captivate audiences with her enchanting vocals and heartfelt lyrics. If you like artists like Kacey Musgraves, Kelsea Ballerini and even early Taylor Swift, you absolutely have to check out this new album from this independent country artist. Stream everywhere, January 6th!

5) Weak Layers

In this chilly new comedy about the Lake Tahoe ski industry, Katie Burrell stars in and directs a hilarious masterpiece about the ups and downs of skiing. After being forced out of her home, a young woman named Chloe moves her whole life into a van and enters a contest to shoot a ski movie within 72 hours. While shooting this film, she discovers more about the ski world, the local ski community and herself. Check it out this Friday, January 5th. 

6) Cindy Sterling – Roxbury Romance

If you are looking for a brand-new album to check out this 10 track LP from rising pop princess Cindy Sterling. If you are looking for a mix of Midnights and Folklore Taylor Swift style songs, this album is perfect for you. With songs like “Kids Back Then” and “Red Lights,” you are sure to fall in love with Cindy’s elegant vocals and powerful lyricism. Sit back and relax while you let this beautiful album come to life. Check out Roxbury Romance today.

7) Night Swim

In this spooky new film Night Swim, Ray Waller is shot into early retirement due to a degenerative disease and decides to pick up his life and move to a new house with his family. The new place has a pool in the yard which Ray believes will be a fun addition and will make the move easier for his wife and two kids. What he doesn’t know is that this pool holds a darker secret than he could have ever imagined. Go see this movie in theaters this Friday. 

8) Dark Star Burning, Ash Falls White – Amelie Wen Zhao

In this new sequel to the Song of The Last Kingdom series, Amelie Wen Zhao sends readers back to the world of ancient China. Read along as Lan avengers her mother’s death and overcomes adversity to save the kingdom that she knows and loves. If you like a good story about life, love and loss, this is the perfect fantasy novel. Check out Dark Star Burning, Ash Falls White and its epic original novel Song of Silver, Flame Like Night. 

9) Sprints – Letter to Self

Letter to Self by the Sprints is the perfect indie-pop, alternative experience. If you are looking for something to add a little edge to your new year, this is a lyrical and musical gem of an album that you aren’t going to want to miss out on. With songs like “Cathedral” and “Heavy” this project is sure to cut you deep and will leave you wanting more from the Sprints. Check it out wherever you get your music this week!

10) Jonah Kagen – The Roads 

The Roads by pop artist Jonah Kagen is an absolute must listen. If you haven’t already, you have to give this new EP from singer-songwriter Jonah Kagen. If you like artists like Zach Bryan and Harry Styles, this is the perfect artist for you. He combines styles of niche artists and popular icons to create his own unique indie-pop sound. This is definitely a must listen EP going into 2024. Listen anywhere you get your music today!

Check out this beautiful music video shot in the elegant English countryside here:

Thanks for starting off the year right and tuning into the first top 10 releases of this year! Check back in next week to see what else this year has in store.