Top 10 Things to Read, Watch & Listen to from April 9th-April 15th

We’re closing into the next week of April, and there’s so much more entertainment to watch! For those who need an idea of what to watch/listen/read for this week, YEM has you covered!

Chicago the Broadway – April 4-9, April 10-30

The wait is over, everyone! Chicago the Broadway will be running on those dates at separate times, so if you haven’t had the time to check, be sure to check them out! This longest, running American musical tells the story of Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly, both tried in a murder trial. Both young ladies compete to garner the attention and services of sleazy lawyer Billy Flynn, who promised to make the two media sensations and win their acquittals. YEM had an interview with Olivia Holt, who will star as Roxie Hart, so be sure to check out that interview as well to learn more!

Beautiful Disaster – 4/12

For those who have read the book written by Jamie McGuire, Beautiful Disaster will be appearing in theatres on April 12th! Like the book, the film will star in the intense romance built between College Freshman Abby Abernathy (portrayed by Virginia Gardner), and Bad Boy Travis Maddox (portrayed by Dylan Sprouse). For those ready to watch the film, be sure to keep an eye on the date on April 12th!

Good Trouble – 4/6

Welcome back to Good Trouble, everyone! There’s a huge decision that Mariana has to make, Joaquin becomes conflicted if Jenna is ready, and Alice struggles to work alongside her fellow writers. Be sure to watch the latest episode on Hulu on April 6th!

Living Lizzie – April

We have another installment awaiting us with Living Lizzie – A Very McGuire Podcast! Be sure to catch their latest podcast, coming up in April!

Rugrats 2021 Season 2 Premiere – 4/14

Calling all ages from babies to teenagers and nostalgic adults, Rugrats 2021 will premiere its second season on Paramount+! The babies and kids return with even more adventures, and for those curious about what the babies will take them next, be sure to keep an eye on the date for its second season on April 14th!

TroyBoi – Say Less – 4/14

From the artist that brought Red Eye with Justin Bieber and Lightning with Little Mix, TroyBoi will be releasing his album Say Less on April 14th! The tracklist will contain songs that he had collaborated with other fellow artists, such as Mr. Carmack on Makin Moves and UZ on Yalla. For those who are fans of his music and his future vision of electronic music, be sure to check out his album on April 14th!

Alison Wonderland – GENESIS – 4/14

For those who know her by her stage name Alison Wonderland, or from her music Church and U Don’t Know, Alexandra “Alex” Sholler will release her latest album GENESIS on April 14th! The tracklist of the songs will contain songs such as Tides and Transport God, and in this album, there is a collaboration done with Whyte Fang and Erick the Architect. Be sure to check out her album on the 14th!

Dance of Thieves (B&N Exclusive Edition) (Dance of Thieves Series #1) by Mary E. Pearson – 4/11

From New York Times bestselling author that takes place in her Remnant Chronicles universe, Mary E. Pearson returns with a new, young adult novel titled Dance of Thieves! Upon the death of the patriarch of the Ballenger empire, Jase must become the empire’s new leader. Due to the changes of an entirely new era, however, orchestrated by a young queen, she becomes the focal point for the dynasty’s anger. Meanwhile, a former legendary thief named Kazi is sent to investigate any transgressions made by these newer settlements and learns that there’s more to Jase than just his family of outlaws. Be sure to check the book out to see their adventures and the romance that might bloom between the two as they fulfill their missions. The Barnes and Noble edition includes an alternate cover, gold gilded pages, and designed endpapers, so be sure to check the book out on April 11th!

Brevin Kim – High School Football – 4/14

You might think this is a single artist. But for those who haven’t heard of this spectacular sibling duo, you’re missing out! Brendan and Catlin Paulhus will be releasing their latest album High School Football on April 14th, which was preluded by the siblings’ single, It Was Nice To See You. The tracklist will contain songs such as Ghost and Architect, and the album will be releasing music that was inspired by their past, from relationships to their upbringing. Be sure to check the album out on April 14th!

Throwback by Maurene Goo – 4/11

Maurene Goo arrives with a book that’s best described as Back to the Future meets Joy Luck ClubThrowback tells the story of Sam, a teenager who claims she doesn’t need cliched, high school aspirations, and her mother Priscilla, a first-generation Korean American who believes her child wants the same American nightmare. But after a huge argument, Sam is suddenly thrown back to the ’90s and meets her teenage mother. Stuck with outdated technology, her feelings for a football player named Jamie, and the regressive attitude fit for the ’90s, Sam must find a way to return back and fix things with her mother. Be sure to check the book out at Barnes and Noble on April 11th!