Top 10 Things to Read, Watch & Listen to from February 18th- February 24th

We’ve curated all of this week’s newest releases just for you and we’ve got everything from books to the newest movie trailers. Check it out below:

1) “Avatar The Last Airbender”

In this remake of the Nickelodeon original animation, follow the last Airbender, Aang (played by Gordon Cormier) as he takes on a world at war. In eight fabulous episodes, Aang must harness the power of the four elements: Water, Earth, Wind, and Fire. After waterbenders, Katara and her brother Sokka, find Aang in an iceberg they team up to take on the war effort together. Check out the trailer for this new Netflix original below:

2) We Got The Beat – Jenna Miller

We Got The Beat is a novel from author Jenna Miller that takes readers on a friends-to-enemies-to-lovers tale. Read along as Jenna Miller paints a beautiful picture of what it means to come into your own and maintain relationships. This coming-of-age story is the perfect addition to your bookshelf this season. Pick it up wherever you get your books this Tuesday.

3) Upgraded

Upgraded, from Prime Video, is a beautiful love story about a young working woman. Watch along as Ana (played by Camilla Mendes) has to fake it until she makes it in the art industry as well as with her classy London lover. Will she be able to pull it off or will the truth come out? To find out, give it a watch this week. 

4) Wicked (Trailer)

Ariana Grande stars in the latest feature film version of Wicked. Adapted from the Broadway show, Glenda the Good Witch and Elphaba take on the world of Oz. With an amazing soundtrack and a powerful story of good and evil, Wicked is sure to impress. Tune into the release of this incredible cinematic experience this Thanksgiving on the big screen, but for now enjoy this exclusive first look from Universal:

5) Beyonce – “Texas Hold ‘Em”

The queen has done it again with her country-esque single “Texas Hold ‘Em.” With a country instrumentation and an element of surprise that we haven’t yet seen from Beyoncé, this song is creative and unique. If you like Beyoncé or country music, this song is sure to be a new favorite. Give this song a listen wherever you get your music now or listen for it on country radio.

6) Noah Kahan – Stick Season (Forever)

Noah Kahan has done it again with the deluxe edition of his hit album Stick Season. This album encapsulates all of Noah’s songs into one place. It has collaboration versions of his favorite songs with artists such as Kacey Musgraves, Lizzy McAlpine, and Hozier. Additionally, it has his brand new single “Forever” which is a sweet tune about being in love. If you want more new music make sure to subscribe to Young Entertainment and take a look at our new music lists released every Friday. 

7) The Someday Daughter – Ellen O’Clover

The Someday Daughter is a beautiful story from the mind of Ellen O’Clover that encompasses what it means to grow up and take on life. It is a coming-of-age plot that dances around the topics of family, home, and relationships. If you are looking for a good story that encapsulates the feeling of growing up and getting older, this novel from Ellen O’Clover is a great read for you. Pick it up wherever you get your books this Tuesday. 

8) Bob Marley: One Love

In this new film, watch along as reggae pioneer Bob Dylan makes his path through the music industry following an assassination attempt. This movie is packed full of music and emotion. If you are a lover of music or history or even just a good story, you should check this movie out in theaters this week.  

9) Jack and Jack – Home

Duo Jack and Jack are releasing their album project Home this week. This pop-bop is an anthem to growing up and returning to the things that make you feel safe and at home. It is a well-produced project that is sure to make you feel something and might just make you miss home.  Tune into the iconic and nostalgic music video here:

10) “Messi World Cup; Rise Of A Legend”

In the new Apple TV+ series “Messi World Cup: The Rise of a Legend” tracks the most amazing soccer player ever as he makes history in the sports industry and takes over the world. In this epic journey, watch as Lionel Messi secures five World Cup victories. Join in for some of his personal reflections on the iconic story. Airing on Apple TV+ on Wednesday.

Thanks for tuning into this week’s Top 10. Check back next week for some new sweet releases.