Top 10 Things to Read, Watch & Listen to from 06/19-06/25

1. YEM Interview with the new Luke Skywalker from ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’

In this upcoming exclusive interview, YEM sat down with actor Grant Feely to discuss his experience portraying a young Luke Skywalker in the new miniseries Obi-Wan Kenobi (2022).

2. We Weren’t Looking to Be Found by Stephanie Kuehn (June 21)

When Dani and Camila end up rooming with each other at treatment facility Peach Tree Hills, they assume they won’t get better or get along. But after discovering a music box containing letters from a former facility resident, their journey to discover the truth behind this mysterious figure brings them closer than they expected.

3. Elvis (June 24)

Look back on the life and career of the King of Rock n’ Roll with Baz Luhrmann’s energized new biopic Elvis (2022). It tracks Elvis from his upbringing in Mississippi, to the early days of his career in Tennessee, and eventually his big break in Vegas, as he changes the world of music forever.

4. Home, Before and After by Regina Spektor

In singer Regina Spektor’s first album in five years, experience a lush celebration of New York City, her hometown after her family immigrated from Moscow during her childhood.

5. Not Good for Maidens by Tori Bovalino (June 21)

When Lou’s aunt Neela is kidnapped to the Goblin Market, she must navigate a world she only read about, and learn various spells and tricks in order to save Neela within three days and keep her from being turned into a goblin herself.

6. Tom & Jerry Cowboy Up! (HBO Max) (June 19)

In the famed cat and mouse’s latest cinematic adventure, they must join forces to help a cowgirl save their home from a scheming and greedy land-grubber.

7. Motherland: Fort Salem (Final Season Premiere) (Hulu) (June 22)

A fantastical journey ends with the final season of Motherland: Fort Salem. Join Tally, Abigail and Raelle as they’ve just escaped custody after being fraudulently arrested for murder following the Camarilla’s attack on Fort Salem. It’s going to be a magical and emotional conclusion.

8. Villains of Valley View, Season 1 (Disney Plus) (June 22)

In a live-action sitcom that’s like The Incredibles- if the Parrs were supervillains- a superpowered family who’s just run away from the League of Villains struggles to lead a normal life in their suburban Texan town.

9.  A Lighter Shade of Blue by Christina Perri (June 24)

In her emotional new studio album, Christina Perri gives us an elegant, intimate ode to motherhood, with beautiful singles including ‘Mothers’, which is all about standing in solidarity with mothers in the face of their fears preceding parenthood.

10. Who is Anthony Turpel from Love, Victor?/Rapid Fire Q&A (YEM)

Couldn’t get enough of Anthony Turpel’s interview with Young Entertainment? Prepare for the final season of Love, Victor with this more fast-paced interview with Anthony Turpel, who’s portrayed Victor’s best friend Felix on the series.