Top 10 Things to Read, Watch & Listen to from January 21st- January 27th

As the weekend comes to a close and we go back into the week, check out these newest releases to stay updated on these fresh finds!

1) Tom Odell – Black Friday

Singer of “Another Love,” the popular TikTok sound and song is releasing a new album this week and it is a must-listen! He has already released the popular title track of the album “Black Friday” which is a fan favorite among all of its listeners. If you are looking for a new album that will knock your socks off and leave a couple of tears in your eyes, then Black Friday from Tom Odell is the perfect option for you!

2) My Fair Brady – Brian D. Kennedy

In this creative spin-off of the hit classic film, She’s All That, Brian D. Kennedy tells the story of Wade Westmore, a high school theater student who has been passed up for the lead role in this year’s musical. How could that get any worse? Well, the role is handed over to Wade’s ex-boyfriend Reese, who broke up with him for being too obsessed with himself. After making friends with Elijah Brady backstage, the two form a pact to help Elijah become popular and in turn help Wade win back his ex. Check it out wherever you get your books, this Tuesday. 

3) “Masters of the Air” 

In this new series starring heartthrobs Austin Butler and Callum Turner watch along as the airmen risk their lives for their country in the battles of World War II. Produced by Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg, and Gary Goetzman, this limited series is a beautiful story of friendship, brotherhood, and courage. Check out all nine episodes of this drama series, airing this week on Apple TV+. 

4) Miller’s Girl

Miller’s Girl is a thrilling comedy about a young girl Cairo Sweet (played by Jenna Ortega) who is studying writing from a creative writing professor Jonathan Miller (played by Martin Freeman). When Cairo completes the creative writing assignment for his class, complications arise from the story. Produced by Seth Rogen, this film is packed with drama, thrilling twists, and of course, little bits of humor. I mean, if Seth Rogen is involved, there’s gonna be some laughs. Check out this film in theaters this Friday.

5) James Arthur – Bitter Sweet Love

The new album Bitter Sweet Love from James Arthur drops this Friday. After releasing singles from the project including the title track “Bitter Sweet Love” as well as tracks like “Sleepwalking” and “Just Us,” this project is at the top of everyone’s release radar. If you like James Arthur or even just a good pop song, then you should check out this album, Friday. 

6) Beautiful Wedding

Dylan Sprouse, brother to Riverdale’s Cole Sprouse, stars in this new movie Beautiful Wedding. Watch along as Abby and Travis wake up after a night in Vegas with rings on their fingers. Join in as they decide whether or not to stay married or go their separate ways. Go put on your shoes and hit the gas station for your favorite candy because this movie is in theaters now and you do not want to miss it. 

7) Out of Our League: 16 Stories of Girls in Sports – Dahlia Adler and Jennifer Iacopelli

In this exciting new anthology from Dahlia Adler and Jennifer Iacopelli, read along to hear the unique stories of 16 girls in sports. If you are interested in sports or inspirational stories that empower young girls then you should get your hands on a copy of Out of Our League; 16 Stories of Girls in Sports, out this Tuesday, January 23rd, 2024. 

8) Etta Marcus – The Death Of Summer And Other Promises

In this new album from up-and-coming artist Etta Marcus, listen along as she takes you on a beautiful 8-song journey of the ups and downs of being young. With songs like “Snowflake Suzie” and “Lovesick Boy Prays,” this album is full of clever songs with creative lyrics. This project is full of deep themes and powerful melodies that are reminiscent of Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo. If you are looking for some new music to check out this week, definitely listen to this new album from Etta Marcus. 

9) “The Way Home”

In this family-based drama, watch along as three generations of women live together on a farm in Port Haven. Join in with season 2 as these women go through ups and downs trying to make it back to each other no matter what it takes. If you are looking for a good family-friendly drama to watch with those lovely ladies in your life, then you should watch the second season of “The Way Home” airing now on the Hallmark Channel. 

10) The Underdoggs

Snoop Dogg stars in this new comedy about an NFL superstar who wants to avoid going to prison, but in order to do so he has to coach a youth football team. If you are looking for a new hilarious story with a stacked cast and entertaining plot, then check out The Underdoggs on Prime Video this week. 

Thanks for checking out this week’s hottest releases. Hope you found something to entertain yourself this week.