Top 10 Things to Read, Watch & Listen to from May 7th-May 13th

Here we are in the second week of May! Hope everyone is hanging in there with their allergies, but luckily, we’re so close to summer now! If you’re looking for something to entertain you this upcoming week, we have just the right entertainment for you!

The Muppets Mayhem – 5/10

The Muppets return in a form of a band, and they’re getting ready to record their first-ever album! This series will be premiering on Disney+ on May 10th, so if you’re looking for some nostalgia with a set of familiar characters, or if you’re just getting into The Muppets itself, be sure to check the series out! We also had an exclusive interview with Tajh Mowry, who will be starring in the show as Gary ‘Moog’ Moogowski. Be sure to check that out too!

Jonas Brothers – The Album – 5/12

You’ll certainly remember this band from way back when right? If you do, then you’re reading this correctly! Following their album The Family Business, their latest album called The Album will be coming out on May 12th! The album will contain a tracklist that will have such songs as Waffle House and Wings, so be sure to check this album out on its release date!

Rally Road Racers – 5/12

From the Producer of Shrek, the animated movie Rally Road Racers will be premiering in theaters on May 12th! Watch the adventures of a slow-moving creature as racers compete in a high-stakes race on a famous trade route, the Silk Road! If you enjoy animation, comedy, and races, this movie is right up your alley!

Crater – 5/12

For those yearning to see a show that involves space, here’s an upcoming show that’s right up your alley. Crater follows the story of a boy growing up in a lunar mining colony, where he takes a trip to explore a legendary crater with four of his best friends. If you’re curious about this young man’s adventures, check out Crater on Disney+ on May 12th!

Queer Eye Season 7 Premiere – 5/12

Guess who’s back for a whole, new season? The Fab Five are back better than ever, and will be making a reappearance in their Netflix show on May 12th! Be sure to check out the latest season there!

Hot Mulligan – Why Would I Watch – 5/12

If you’re a fan of emo/pop rock bands, here’s the band Hot Mulligan, coming in with their newest album! Their latest album, Why Would I Watch, will release on May 12th with songs such as Shhh! Golf is On and Gans Media Retro Games, so be sure to check them out if you’re a fan of their music!

LP Giobbi – Light Places – 5/12

From the same artist who brought Amber Rose and If Love Is A Skill, LP Giobbi (also known as Leah Chisholm) will release her latest album on May 12th! Light Places will contain a few songs such as Intro: Mother and other musical collaborations she made with other artists, such as Monogem, Caroline Byrne, Le Chev, and more. Be sure to check her out when the album releases!

City on Fire – 5/12

Are you a fan of crime and mysteries? Look no further than the upcoming series, City on Fire! The show tells the story of NYU student Samantha Cicciaro, who was shot in Central Park with no witnesses and little evidence. But when it’s revealed that she holds some crucial connections with the mysterious citywide fires, the music being played downtown, and a wealthy, real-estate family with a lot of secrets. There might be more to Samantha’s death than one would think. Be sure to check this series out on May 12th! We also highly recommend watching this, as Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, the creators of The O.C. and Gossip Girl, are involved in this show!

Nigeria Jones: A Novel by Ibi Zoboi – 5/9

Are you looking for a rich, coming-of-age story? If so, look no further than Nigeria Jones: A Novel! From the same author of American Street and co-author of Punching the Air, Ibi Zoboi returns with a book that explores the matters of race, feminism, and complicated family dynamics. If you’re looking for a book that teaches how to discover your self and fight to be that person, while being immersed in the mystery that leaves you at the edge of your seat, this book is just for you!

The Last One to Fall by Gabriella Lepore – 5/9

Here’s another mystery that you’ll find yourself immersed in! Written by Gabriella Lepore, The Last One to Fall brings you to a whole, murder mystery scenario! Savana Caruso witnessed a horrifying murder, and watched as a mysterious murderer shoved someone off the fourth floor of the warehouse. Six teens were there that night, and five of them are suspected of murder. In an attempt to discover the truth to assuage the threatening, anonymous text messages she’s been receiving, Savana realizes that these teens have secrets, and these teens will do whatever it takes to make sure that those secrets don’t ever see the light of day. This book will be available at Barnes and Noble on May 9th!