Top 10 Things to Read, Watch & Listen to from November 19th-26th

Happy Thanksgiving! YEM is so thankful for you and also for these new releases. Check them out below!

1) Wish

In Disney’s newest film Wish, a young girl names Asha makes a powerful wish that get granted by ‘Star’, a little ball of energy. Asha and Star then work together to save the Kingdom from evil all the while proving that there is great magic that can happen when humans connect with the stars. And with a cast of talented voice actors including Chris Pine, Ariana DeBose, and Evan Peters, this movie is sure to have something for everyone. Gather the whole family and make a trip to see Wish in theaters everywhere this week! 

2) Defiant -Brandon Sanderson

Check out this new book from bestselling author Brandon Sanderson creator of the “Skyward” series. This new release Defiant is the fourth book in the set. Read along in the final book of the series as the main character travels beyond the stars to save the world she knows and loves from destruction. This book is definitely a must read especially if you have been following along for the first 3 books of the series. Pick up Defiant this Tuesday.

3) Good Burger 2

After almost 26 years of waiting, the sequel to the first Good Burger movie has arrived. Join us in watching Dexter Reed and cashier Ed come together at the fast-food restaurant Good Burger with a stacked cast including Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell themselves playing hilarious employees and customers. Catch this wild and crazy reunion on Paramount + this week!

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4) “Scott Pilgrim Takes Off”

In this new action-fiction based off of the classic comedy film starring Michael Cera Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, we get to see musician Scott Pilgrim as he falls in love and then has to fight the girl of his dreams’ ex boyfriends. If you were a fan of the original movie or even if you just enjoy a good rom-com, you are not going to want to miss this action-packed romantic comedy series. Tun in on Netflix to see “Scott Pilgrim Takes Off”.

5) Take That – This Life

New from the band Take That is their album project This Life. The project is coming out this Friday and should definitely be on your release radar. If you are into pop or rock music at all this is definitely a must listen. 

6) Elf Me

In this brand-new movie from Amazon Prime, follow along as Santa’s elf Trip builds strange weapons instead of toys and Elia a reserved girl from the Italian mountainside work together to defeat an evil businessman. This is the perfect festive action comedy for the whole family to enjoy. Pop some popcorn, grab a diet Coke and sit down this Friday with this flick Elf Me.

7) Bad CGI Gator

In this hilarious new film Bad CGI Gator, a group of recently graduated college students go on vacation to celebrate the end of their education and decide to throw their computers into the lake behind their cabin. However, by doing this they unleash the power of technology on the unsuspecting alligators in the lake. This creates the villainous creature “Bad CGI Gator”. Tune into this hilarious thriller available for streaming this week!

8) Dreamcatcher – Villains 

Band Dreamcatcher’s new album Villains marks the release of their 9th mini album and 4th addition to their CD set ‘Versus’. If you are into abstract hyper pop or K-pop at all, this album is definitely a great option for you. Keep an eye out for it wherever you get your music this Friday November 24th.

9) The Queer Girl is Going to Be Ok – Dale Walls

In this new young adult novel from author Dale Walls, we follow a character Dawn as she tries to navigate the ups and downs of queer love. She tries her best to understand it by interviewing those who have it and trying to capture it on camera to create a documentary in hopes of answering her questions, getting a scholarship to film school and ultimately leading her to find love of her own. Pickup this novel wherever you get your books this Tuesday.

10) The Naughty Nine

Premiering on Disney Channel at 8pm CT is the oh-so-anticipated movie The Naughty Nine. Follow along as a young boy Andy (played by Winslow Fegley) finds himself on the naughty list. In hopes of regaining the presents he thinks he is due; he gathers 8 other kids that are on the naughty list and sets out to take back what they are deserved. Catch the premiere on Wednesday, but don’t worry if you can’t because it releases on Disney + on Thanksgiving Day. 

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thank you so much for tuning in to this week’s Top 10 hottest releases. we hope you found something to entertain yourself as we enter the holiday season. Check back next week for more!