Top 10 Things to Read, Watch & Listen to from November 26th-December 3rd

This week’s lineup is stacked with everything from enchanting new novels to riveting new movie releases that are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. Check it out below!

1) Betting on You – Lynn Painter

This new book from New York Times bestselling author Lynn Painter is a romantic comedy that is the perfect novel to curl up and fall in love with. Read along as a seventeen-year-old girl Bailey, gets a job at a hotel waterpark and finds that she will be working with an old not-so-likable acquaintance, Charlie. This book definitely needs to be on your radar this week. It would make a great gift as well for any friends who enjoy a good rom com; pick it up wherever you get your books this Tuesday. 

Oh, and check out our YEM exclusive interview with Lynn Painter coming soon!

2) Alchemical Vol. 1 – Dove Cameron

New from actress Dove Cameron is her debut studio album Alchemical: Vol. 1. This Friday, Decemeber 1st, tune into listen to these 8 powerful songs. Tracks off of this project include “Breakfast”, “White Glove”, and “FRAGILE THINGS”. With these compelling titles, you are definitely going to want to take the ten minutes and listen to this album. She has described this project as a ‘fresh start’ and a way to show the world that she has discovered her true authentic self. Listen to Alchemical: Vol. 1 this Friday. 

3) Surprised by Oxford

Speaking of romantic comedies, this new movie Surprised by Oxford, a young girl Caro Drake moves to Oxford to achieve her goal of attaining her PhD. But her whole world gets rocked when she meets a young man who changes everything. Watch along in this dramatic romance as Caro finds herself falling for the boy of her dreams in Surprised by Oxford. 

4) Family Switch

This week join the Walker family as they navigate a chaotic and hilarious Christmas journey. After a rare planetary alignment, the Walkers notice that they have switched bodies with each other. Follow along as they try to reverse the effects of the astrological curse and restore their family back to normal. Starring Ed Helms from and Jennifer Garner, this movie is the perfect family Christmas comedy. Watch on Netflix on November 30th.  

5) “The Artful Dodger”

In this time capsule of a TV series, 1850s Australia’s Jack Dawkins is being haunted by his past life of crime and dishonesty. Watch along as he shifts his life from pickpocketing to surgery and is confronted by his old ways of life. Starring actor Thomas Brodie-Sangster, this series is definitely a must watch so tune in on Hulu this week to watch “The Artful Dodger” and be on the lookout for more exclusive information from YEM and Thomas in the future. 

6) Renaissance: A Film By Beyonce

In this three-hour concert masterpiece, watch along as the Queen Bey walks us through her concert experience and gives insight into her creative process. You are definitely not going to want to miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to catch this movie premiering in theaters everywhere this Friday, December 1st. 

7) To Kill a Shadow – Katherine Quinn

In this new novel from author Katherine Quinn, read along in this fantasy thriller as Jude

Maddox learns about how to overcome darkness and nightmares in a land of certain demise. If

you enjoy a good dark fiction novel, then this is the perfect book for you. Look for it wherever 

you get your books this Tuesday.

8) Simple Like 17 – Sadie Jean 

In this new EP from newcomer Sadie Jean, we get six lyrical and musical masterpieces, and we could not be more excited. This TikTok sensation has been working on this project for a while now since the release of her debut single “WYD Now?” and the EP is finally set to release on Friday December 1st. If you like a good female pop power project, this is the perfect listen for you. Check it out this Friday. 

9) Candy Cane Lane

Candy Cane Lane starring Eddie Murphy is a comedy thriller Christmas film that is sure to be a family favorite. Watch along as a trouble-seeking elf casts a spell that brings the twelve days of Christmas to life to wreak havoc on the street. This week make sure to gather the family around and throw on this hilarious new Christmas comedy Candy Cane Lane.

10) I Love You, Please Don’t Hate Me – Sam Fischer

In this new album from pop icon Sam Fischer releases gut-punching songs that fans have been waiting patiently for. After the release of the single (and title track) “I Love You, Please Don’t Hate Me” he has been sitting on the rest of these 15 songs and they are finally set to release this Friday. This project features his previously released song “The City” as well as features from other artists including Meghan Trainor and Demi Lovato. This pop album should definitely be on your release radar this week so give it a listen on Friday.