Top 7 best books for car enthusiasts

Everyone knows that the best present is a book. You don’t need a long driving record or your own car to be passionate about the auto business and ready to learn everything you can about it. Despite the fact that you may learn a lot about vehicles on the Internet, serious car aficionados will have their own library filled with intriguing, instructional, colorful and collectible literature about cars. Therefore if you’re at a loss for what to get a vehicle enthusiast, a book is a terrific option! We have compiled a list of the top seven world automobile publications, which include gorgeously illustrated encyclopedias, practical reference books, fiction, and historical works devoted to the rich history of the worldwide automotive industry.

«The Top Gear Years», Jeremy Clarkson

year of release: 2012

original language: English

Under one cover, the author managed to blend radically different elements in a very harmonic way: objective data on the mechanical subtleties of passenger cars, his own creative style, subtle English humor and wonderful facts that not every fan of the automobile business is aware of. Readers will see that this is the same «reusable» book that drivers can read as if for the first time.

«100 Iconic Cars», Fabrice Connin

year of release: 2016

original language: English 

Even well-known experts describe this colorful book as the most impartial appraisal of popular automotive models from throughout the world. According to experts, this book contains the automobiles that are most frequently purchased around the world and are the most popular in car rental services, such as the Ferrari Dino 246 GT, Lamborghini Miura, Porsche 959, Jaguar XK120-01, BMW 3.0 CSL and other standards of elegance, beauty and power. According to statistics, in the best car rental stores located in Dubai, requests for rent a car in Dubai most often come from these models. The publication contains many colorful photographs, little-known facts, technological features of each car and other interesting information.

«Wheels», Arthur Haley

year of release: 1971

original language: English

Critics describe this work as a full-fledged automobile and transportation book that depicts not only the internal structure of the auto world, but also the behind-the-scenes games, technology and serious intrigues that are unseen to the naked eye. The book also provides complete answers to current questions, such as why are cars so expensive? Why is the journey from development to the production line so lengthy? Why do great prototypes devolve into mediocre production vehicles?

«American Cars: The Automobiles that Made America», Craig Cheatham

year of release: 2007

original language: English

A wonderful collector’s edition, a delightful present – a catalog of 218 of America’s most famous automobiles manufactured during the last century. The reader will find not only over 2,000 beautiful drawings under the cover, but also precise technical specifications and attributes of each car type that has already earned the right to be considered a classic. You will also learn about the history of the creation of iconic cars, as well as get the opportunity to look inside the power units and disassemble the chassis. Much has been said about engineering and the evolution of car design.

«The Complete Encyclopedia of Vintage Cars 1886 – 1940», Rob De La Rive Box

year of release: 2008

original language: English

Rob De La Rive Box is one of the most well-known automotive authors, having published 32 books and an unlimited number of feature articles. His actual calling, however, is encyclopedias and collections. «The Complete Encyclopedia of Vintage Cars 1886 – 1940» will be a full-fledged atlas including fascinating information about automobiles created during this time period. This includes not just technical data and statistics, but also company and automaker histories. A welcome addition will be 2000 rare archival pictures.

«The World’s Worst Cars», Craig Cheetham

year of release: 2011

original language: English

Our list will also feature Craig Cheetham’s anti-top list of all-time autos. The author not only names and displays openly unsuccessful car models, but also conducts in-depth analyses of the failures and low demand for each of them. You will discover why long-term development of a vehicle does not always result in record sales.

«The Flivver King: A Story of Ford-America», Upton Beall Sinclair

year of release: 1957

original language: English

When it comes to cars, it would be sacrilege to disregard the name of Henry Ford, the acknowledged father of the automobile industry and inventor of the assembly line. The artistic biography of a remarkable personality, however, will be of interest to more than simply vehicle lovers. A true novel awaits us, revealing the full history of the famed facility and the iconic Ford A, F-100, Mustang, and Focus models. Let us not forget that this is also a book about a strong leader deserving of becoming a national symbol for his country.

Read these books to acquire even more fascinating and valuable knowledge about automobiles.