Top 10 Things to Read, Watch & Listen to from 07/10-07/16

1. Zombies 3 (Disney Plus) (July 15)

In this third installment of the hit franchise, Zed prepares for an athletic scholarship, while Addison prepares for a cheerleading competition. When extraterrestrials, including A-Lan (Matt Cornett), beam down to Earth, the competition gets out of this world.

2. Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hank (July 15)

In this comedy, a lovable dreamer named Hank (Michael Cera) sets out to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming a samurai.

3. Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight (Netflix series) (Premieres July 14)

In this spinoff series, Po teams up with a knight named Wandering Blade to find a series of four powerful weapons, before mischievous weasels can use it to destroy the world.

4. The Wonderland Trials (The Curious Realities, Book 1) by Sara Ella (July 12)

After much pondering about her parents’ whereabouts, Alice Liddell’s life is upended when her sister is arrested for containing the notorious Wonder Gene,  the key to unlocking the secrets of the Wonderland Reality. When Alice receives an invitation to play for Team Heart in this year’s Wonderland Trials, she must navigate a dangerous, topsy-turvy world in order to save who she loves most.

5. Big Time Rush Talks Reuniting, Nickelodeon Days, Bringing Back Their TV Show and Upcoming EPs, The Zach Sang Show (YouTube)

In this exclusive interview, Big Time Rush discusses their days at Nickelodeon, rebooting their hit TV show, reuniting the band, and their upcoming album.

6. A Lighter Shade of Blue by Christina Perri (July 15)

Following the release of her luminous and emotional single ‘evergone’, this album is all about navigating loss, as well as dealing with grief.

7. Actor Anthony Kevan, Rahim from ‘Love, Victor’ Season 3 Plays a Game of ‘Most Likely To’

For those currently enjoying the final season of Love, Victor, join Rahim himself as he talks about who from the cast would be most likely to fake their own death, or even go a week without showering!

8. Blue Bloods: After Life by Melissa de la Cruz (July 12)

After supposedly defeating Lucifer, Schulyer returns to her hometown of NY, only to discover that it isn’t even the NY she knows anymore. She’s in an alternate reality, where Lucifer and the Blue Bloods are luring humans to blood clinics to claim their lives. When her old friend Kingsley shows back up, Schulyer realizes she must once again face the devil.    

9. Emails I Can’t Send by Sabrina Carpenter

Tune in to this sensational new album from rising star Sabrina Carpenter, as she derives a whole host of great songs from a series of emails she once wrote to herself, without ever sending them.

10. LEGO Ninjago, Season 4 (Netflix) (July 15)

Join Nya, Cole, and the rest of the Ninjago gang, as they continue to fight their foes across Ninjago City, as well as other fantastical worlds.