YEM’s TOP 5 Podcasts of 2022

Podcasts cause us to think, reflect and debate various topics. In 2022 many of the most engaging podcasts were centered on YA entertainment. There are, of course, many podcasts we could choose from to complete our top 5 list, but we chose these because they are super entertaining.

1. Welcome to the OC Bitches

In Welcome to the OC Bitches, listeners are transported back in time to the 2000s with Melinda Clarke and Rachel Bilson, who played Mrs. Cooper and Summer in the classic hit teen tv drama The OC. In each podcast, the hosts revisit an episode from every season of The OC, reveal behind-the-scenes information, and conduct interviews with people involved in the making of the series. We love the dynamic between the two hosts! We particularly enjoy hearing all the juicy tidbits on and off the screen of The OC.

2. The Twilight Effect 

In the Twilight podcast, actress Ashley Green who played Alice Cullen in the popular vampire-themed films Twilight and her best friend Mel revisit the Twilight saga. The two ladies relay behind-the-scenes insights, insider knowledge, and amusing commentary about everything Twilight-related. Even better, every episode features a participation opportunity for the viewers where they chime in with questions and comments. Who doesn’t remember and love the Twilight series? We sure do, and we couldn’t be happier that our favorite vampire, Alice, has returned!

3. Drama Queens

Time travel to your senior year in high school with the cast of the classic hit tv series One Tree Hill: Sophia Bush, Bethany Joy Lenz, and Hilarie Burton. In this podcast, these co-stars and friends relive their experience with One Tree Hill and divulge real-life scandals. We admit hearing from Sophia, Bethany, and Hillarie’s on-air dynamic makes us wish for a One Tree Hill tv reboot, but for now, we will settle for this fantastic podcast.

4. The Zach Sang Show

Zach Sang is a multi-talented social media guru involved in just about everything young entertainment offers. In his podcast, the Zach Sang show, Zach touches on various topics associated with pop culture. He even interviews fantastic guests, such as singer and actress Dove Cameron. We love Zach’s show because there is never a dull moment, and we learn a lot about the entertainment industry. 

5. Duff Enough

The Duff Enough podcast show celebrates the life and career of Hilary Duff, a pop culture icon who is an actress and singer. It is hosted by Whitt Laxson. We love this podcast because it features nostalgic, interesting and funny dialogue centered around Hilary Duff. Check out YEM’s interview with Whitt Laxson here!