Top 10 Things to Read, Watch & Listen to from April 17-23

1. Heartstopper, Season 1 (Netflix) (Premieres April 22)

In this heart-stopping romantic drama, classmates Charlie (Joe Locke) and Nick (Kit Conor) unexpectedly become friends, but eventually develop feelings for one another.

2. The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder, Season 1 Finale (Disney Plus) (April 20th)

In this season finale of the spinoff series, Suga Mama’s past comes to light as the Prouds head to her family rodeo over in Oklahoma.

3. With and Without You by Emily Wibberley (April 19)

In this romantic novel, high school sweethearts Siena and Patrick are a perfect match. With college on the horizon, Siena wants to break up, considering this transformative period. However, Patrick announces that his family’s moving out of state. Siena stays with him out of pity. But a series of visits throughout freshman year reveal a different side to Patrick…

4. The Bad Guys (April 22)

In this comedic adventure, a group of misunderstood criminal animals set out on a journey of redemption, with catastrophic and hilarious results along the way.

5. Into the Shadowlands by Tiffanu Putenis (April 19)   

This fantasy follows Gedran of the Duchy of Amadan, the winner of a magical once-a-generation tournament at the Duke of Amadan’s fortress. Per the ritual, Gedran is transported via portal into the Shadowlands, where the Demon Lord Trahern awaits him, and his brother Roarke must make a choice; save his brother or stay in their homeland. 

6. Seconds of Summer Talks Complete Mess, Marriage, and Finishing Their 5th Album (5SOS5?), The Zach Sang Show (YouTube)

In this exclusive interview, the hit band discusses their new single ‘Complete Mess’, their experiences with marriage, and completing their fifth album together. Any die-hard 5SOS fan out there will not want to miss this.

7. Getting Over Max Cooper by Marcelle Karp (April 19)


Sixteen-year-old Jazz Jacobson doesn’t have summer plans other than scooping ice cream and having fun with her friends. When she begins dating Max Cooper, her best friend Macy’s ex, it reveals just how hung up on Max Macy really is. 

8. ‘National Siblings Day’, On the Shelf Podcast (New episode released April 11)

In the latest episode from this literary podcast, the hosts discuss sibling dynamics in books, the tropes of said novels, and what their siblings love or hate to read.

9. The Biggest Little Farm: The Return (Disney Plus) (April 22)

This beautiful doc follows John and Molly Chester, a couple who abandoned their city life in LA to grow their own food in Ventura County. Over the next ten years, the two turned their land into a thriving farm business. The special chronicles this in heartfelt, painstaking detail.

10.Watch Teen Kids News Full Episode/April 8-15, Teen Kids News (New Episode Premieres April 11) (YouTube)

In this entertaining new program made by and for teens, tackle some of the most exciting and fresh news stories out there!