Top 10 Things to Read, Watch & Listen to from April 2nd-April 8th

And so comes April, with the sun coming ever so closer to warm us up! Is everyone eager to learn more about what’s coming up this week? Look no further, as we have an abundance of new entertainment for everyone to look forward to!

Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies – 4/6

It’s here! The latest rendition of Grease returns, but with a twist! A prequel that takes place before the events of Grease and Grease 2, this show tells the story of four misfit students who band together to become the founding mothers of a new clique named “The Pink Ladies”. Are you a fan from the 90s, who has fond memories of the Grease musicals? Eager to see more of what this show has to offer? Be sure to check the show’s premiere on Paramount+ on April 6th!

Living Lizzie – A Very McGuire Podcast

Living Lizzie – A Very McGuire Podcast is here! Be sure to check her out on Apple Podcasts! If you haven’t had the time, listen to her current list of episodes! There are currently three in total, and you’ll no doubt feel the nostalgia upon hearing them recount the times of Lizzie McGuire!

Nicholas Podany – CRY WOLF

For fans of Nicholas Podany, his latest EP, CRY WOLF, was recently released on Spotify, with four songs listed under the tracklist. We have “LITTLE VOICE”, “GONER”, “POCKETS”, and the aforementioned “CRY WOLF” under this EP! Be sure to check the album out if you haven’t yet on Spotify!

The Super Mario Bros. Movie – 4/5

It’s-a here! The Super Mario Bros. Movie will be premiering in theatres on April 5th! You know the drill with the Mario brothers; save the Mushroom Kingdom from Bowser, rescue Princess Peach, and traverse through challenges along the way! With the voices of the characters provided by actors/actresses Chris Pratt, Any Tayloer-Joy, Charlie Day, and Jack Black, everyone has been anticipating this movie’s release since its first, initial trailer! For those who are fans of the video game characters, be sure to check the movie out!

Daniel Caesar – NEVER ENOUGH – 4/7

From the R&B/Soul artist who brought Best Part and Get You to life, Daniel Caesar will release his third studio album, NEVER ENOUGH, on April 7th of this year. Following straight after he released CASE STUDY 01, Daniel was ready to show more of what he could do to his audience. The tracklist of his latest album contains songs such as Let Me Go and Do You Like Me?. So for those who are eager to listen to his music, be sure to check back on April 7th for the album’s release.

On a Wing and a Prayer – 4/7

This movie is slightly different when compared to the other movies that are on this list. Based on a true story, the film retells the story of a passenger named Doug White (portrayed by Dennis Quaid), who after the pilot unexpectedly dies, must save his family from insurmountable danger by landing the plane to safety. The movie will be released on Amazon Prime Video on April 7th, so for those eager to watch a film such as this, be sure to keep an eye on the date!

The Crossover – 4/4

For those looking for a coming-of-age series, here’s one just for you! The Crossover will premiere on April 4th on Disney+! The show stars a simple family, with both Josh and Jordan Bell being on and off the court with a former pro-basketball player father, and a mother finally pursuing her dreams. If you’re interested in basketball and stories such as these, be sure to check this series out on Disney+!

Silver in the Bone (Signed Book) by Alexandra Bracken – 4/4

Fans of Alexandra Bracken’s Lore and Legendborn books will be ecstatic upon hearing that the #1 New York Times bestseller is here with the first book of a new fantasy series, inspired by Arthurian legend. Follow the adventures of Tamsin Lark, as she works as a Hollower to keep herself and her brother alive from the dangers of the world. When rumors of her thieving father having vanished with a ring from Arthurian legend turn to action, Tamsin’s hope emblazes upon realizing that the ring could free her brother from a curse that threatens them both, if not for her run-in with her rival Emyrs. Despite her reluctance to work with her rival, she’ll need all the help she can get to save her brother. The book will publish on April 4th at Barnes and Noble, so be sure to check it out!

Ellie Goulding – Higher Than Heaven (Deluxe) – 4/7

From the mind behind Love Me Like You Do and Burn, Ellie Goulding is back with her fifth, studio album. The tracklist has yet to be confirmed, but there is a chance that her collaboration song with Big Sean will be included in the track, including her other released song, Let it Die. Fans of her music, be sure to check her latest, deluxe album out soon on April 7th!

She Gets the Girl by Rachael Lippincott and Alyson Derrick – 4/4

Check out this young adult, romcom from the co-author of Five Feet ApartShe Gets the Girl tells the story of two girls: Alex Blackwood, who struggles to keep a girlfriend, and Molly Park, who may have a grip on her life, has a more awkward streak when it comes to someone who isn’t her mom. Molly herself has a crush on Cora Myers, and when Alex discovers Molly’s hidden crush, Alex makes it her mission to assist her to rub in her ex’s face that she isn’t a selfish flirt. The two start to work together to chase their goals, but as time goes on, they both slowly begin to realize that there’s also the chance the two could be falling for each other. The book will be published on April 4th at Barnes and Noble, so be sure to check it out once it’s released!