Top 10 Things to Read, Watch & Listen to from August 27th- September 2nd

As August rolls out and September comes in, there’s a surge of new entertainment coming up that will get you excited for what’s new! If you need some new entertainment and aren’t sure what to search for, here’s what’s coming up this week!

Choose Love – 8/31

If you’re a huge fan of rom-coms and interactive films, this series is the best choice for this week! Despite having the perfect job and boyfriend, Cami Conway feels as if she’s missing something in her life. This feeling grows when she becomes involved in a love triangle between a British rockstar, her boyfriend, and her first love. For those needing a refresher on interactive films, any decisions made will wholly depend on the viewer! Check the series out when it releases on August 31st!

Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake – 8/31

For fans of Adventure Time, the Max Original series Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake is ready for release on August 31st! For those who have seen the original series of Adventure Time and are familiar with this duo in some episodes, the series will primarily focus on the adventures of Fionna and Cake. They are alongside the former Ice King, as they traverse through the multiverse while going through a journey of self-discovery. If you’re a fan of these two characters, check the series out on HBO Max on August 31st!

Harlan Coben’s Shelter Interview – (

The series Harlan Coben’s Shelter is now out on Amazon Prime! Check out what’s next in its upcoming episode to learn more! And if you’re curious to know what happens behind the scenes, check out our interview with stars Jaden Michael, Adrian Greensmith, and Abby Corrigan!


Fans of young adult books, here’s a series you’ll enjoy! FICTIONAL HANGOVER is a podcast that features young adult and new adult books. The hosts, Amanda and Claire, share summaries of popular books while discussing their favorite moments, characters, and more. They also invite different guests. Such as the authors of the books, the voice actor, or sometimes even invite listeners, so be sure to tune in to listen! Please be aware that the podcast will be full of spoilers regarding the books. Be careful if you’re alright with spoilers!

One Piece (TV Series, Netflix) – 8/31

Fans of One Piece, the wait is over! For those following the news on its live adaptation ever since its announcement, the series will premiere on August 31st through Netflix! If you’re a fan of One Piece and want to know how the live series will fare, check it out once it’s released!

We’ve Been Expecting You | Percy Jackson and the Olympians –

The series isn’t out yet and won’t be for a while, but a trailer recently came out through the Disney+ channel! For those who are huge fans of the Percy Jackson series and Rick Riordan’s work, Percy Jackson and the Olympians will be released on December 20th this year!

Icona Pop – Club Romantech – 9/1

This Swedish electropop duo, Caroline and Aino, are set to release their latest album, Club Romantech, through streaming platforms on September 1st! The album will contain some unreleased songs. There will also be songs that listeners might have heard of, such as Fall in LoveOff Of My Mind collaboration with VIZE, and Spa with Sofi Tukker. Check the album out when it is released!

Sinjin Drowning

Fans of YouTuber duo Sinjin Drowning, check out what’s new on their channel below! And don’t forget to check out their merchandise and Patreon below to support them and their videos! Youtube: (, Website: (, and Patreon: (

The Brothers Hawthorn (The Inheritance Games, 4) by Jennifer Lynn Barnes – 8/29

Fans of Jennifer Lynn Barnes’ works and the Inheritance Games series, the series returns with its latest installment! Grayson Hawthorne was raised as the heir to his billionaire grandfather, but when his grandfather dies, his family becomes disinherited. When his half-sisters find themselves in trouble, Grayson does what he can to efficiently take care of the mess. Jameson Hawthorne, meanwhile, is a risk-taker compared to the methodical Grayson. When his elusive father returns and asks for a favor, Jameson follows the risk of infiltrating London’s exclusive gambling club to win an impossible game of the highest proportions. Follow the story of Grayson and Jameson Hawthorne as they focus on what they wish to do and what they will sacrifice to win!

American Royals IV: Reign by Katharine McGee – 8/29

The latest installment of American Royals is coming on August 29th! This New York Times bestselling series will be released on August 29th. Check it out to learn what will happen to the Washington family in this latest installment!