Top 10 Things to Read, Watch & Listen to from Feb. 20-26

1. Free Guy (2021) (HBO Max) (Feb. 23)

Ever wondered what it would be like to be inside a video game? Well, now you can experience it with the action-comedy Free Guy. It follows Ryan Reynolds as a bank teller who discovers that he is really an NPC inside an open-world video game. It’s TRON meets The Truman Show. 

2. Only a Monster by Vanessa Len (Feb. 22)

In this YA debut novel, sixteen-year-old Joan tries to enjoy her summer, working a job at Holland House, and agreeing to a date with her handsome coworker Nick. However, the bliss is shattered when Joan learns that her family are monsters, with hidden and unnerving powers. She also learns that Nick is a monster slayer, determined to bring them down. Now, Joan must face her literal inner monster, and join forces with a family who hates her own, in order to save herself and her loved ones.

3. Hazel & Katniss & Harry & Starr (Podcast)

If you’re obsessed with the faithfulness of the film adaptations of your favorite books, this is the podcast for you. Every week, the hosts dissect various YA novel-based films.

4. The Girl who Fell Beneath the Sea By Axie Oh (Feb. 22)

In this magical adventure, Mina goes on a journey to rescue her brother Joon from a death sentence after he saves his beloved, Shim Cheong, from a ritualistic sacrifice to the Sea God. She travels to the Spirit Realm, to end the storms that have ravaged her homeland for generations.

5. Marvel Super Hero Adventures: Frost Fight! (Disney Plus) (Feb. 23)

In this riveting superhero holiday special, the Avengers team up to stop Loki and the frost giant Ymir from stealing Santa’s powers in order to take over the world.

6. Back to 15 (Netflix) (Premieres Feb. 25)

In the TV equivalent of 13 Going on 30, a woman named Anita, unhappy with her professional and personal lives, discovers a way to travel back to when she was fifteen years old. This forces her to question what she will change in the past.

7. GRID Legends (Feb. 25)

In the fifth installment in the Grid franchise, experience a globetrotting tournament as you race people all around the world. 

8. Playing Uncharted w/Tom Holland by Jacksepticeye

If you love Uncharted and cannot wait to see the new movie, get the best of both worlds by watching star Tom Holland play the game with Jacksepticeye while also discussing the film. 

9. Full Flight by Ashley Schumacher (Feb. 22)

This tale of forbidden love follows marching-band saxophonist Anna James, as she tries to keep hidden a relationship with bad-boy bandmate Weston May when they are assigned together for a duet.

10. The Proud Family (Disney Plus) (Premieres Feb. 23)

In this riotous animated sitcom, follow Penny Proud as she struggles to navigate her teen years, whilst contending with her wacky family.