Top 10 Things to Read, Watch & Listen to from January 29th-February 4th

The end of January is near, and the beginning of February has arrived. The weeks have piled on quickly, but that won’t stop the flow of entertainment coming your way. Without further ado, here’s your next Top 10!

The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder Season 2 – 2/1

Ladies and gentlemen, the Proud Family is back for Season 2! For those who need a refresher on the show, here’s a brief synopsis. Penny Proud’s family returns from their misadventures into a whole new show; Penny is growing, there are new ventures on the horizon, Suga Mama is back, Penny’s friends return, there are two new kids on the block, and Oscar Proud remains as the most, overprotective father in the century. For those who held a love for this sitcom series, or have watched the first season and are yearning for more, be sure to mark your calendars for The Proud Family’s return on February 1st on Disney+.

Lauren Cimorelli – Please Stop Breaking My Heart – 2/3

This artist was mentioned before in an earlier Top 10, but her album just had to be mentioned! Please Stop Breaking My Heart is set for release on February 3rd, with fan favorites such as LockboxI Hate All Your Friends, R.I.P., and 16 as well. If you’re a fan of Lauren Cimorelli’s works, be sure to keep an eye out for this album’s release.

The Watchful Eye – 1/30

For those interested in Thrillers, here’s a show that will leave you on your toes. The Watchful Eye stars Mariel Molino as Elena Santos, a young woman who works as a live-in nanny for an affluent family. The inhabitants of the building are similar in a significant way: they all carry a few deadly secrets of their own, alongside some ulterior motives. Unbeknownst to them, however, Elena has a few secrets of her own. If you’re intrigued by the concept of this show, be sure to check this show out on Hulu on January 30th.

Freeridge – 2/2

If you’re a fan of the 2018 series On My Block, the spin-off show Freeridge is set to air on February 2nd. The show has been stated to be a direct spin-off to On My Block, but compared to the coming-of-age story, Freeridge is a tad different from the series it’s spun off from. Not much has been revealed about the show, but the story states that a group of friends may or may not have unleashed a curse that would unveil a whole, new adventure. If you’re interested to see what this show can offer, and to see what lies beneath this comedic mystery, be sure to check the show out on Netflix.

Rose Gray – Higher Than the Sun – EP – 2/1

Are you a fan of Rose Gray? If you are, her latest album EP, Higher Than the Sun, is set to be released on February 1st. The inspiration behind this album comes from Rose’s development of the album back in the summer of 2022, stating that the London heatwave, festivals, and nightlife helped make the EP sound free and intoxicating. According to her, there’s a blend of rave, disco, and techno, and a few of her songs, Ecstacy, and Sun Comes Up as the primary examples. Be sure to keep an eye out for the date for the album’s release.

Going Dark by Melissa de la Cruz – 1/31

Fans of Melissa de la Cruz will be happy to hear that her latest YA book, Going Dark, will be released on January 31st on Barnes and Noble. For those interested in the Thriller genre, the story revolves around a young, influencer who mysteriously disappears after going on a vacation with her boyfriend. The narrative, however, is a tad different compared to most books. The book is told through a series of social media posts, diary entries, and accounts so if you’re interested in this kind of story, be sure to mark your calendars for its release.

Dear Edward – 2/3

Here’s a story that’ll pull at your heartstrings. Dear Edward stars Colin O’Brien as Edward, a 12-year-old boy who lost his family in a deadly, plane crash. As the sole survivor, Edward finds himself trying to make sense of what life can offer, alongside a group of people who are also affected by the crash. For those curious, the series will contain friendships, romance, and building a sense of community with others. If you’re interested in a series like this, be sure to watch the show on Apple TV+.

Missing Dead Girls by Sara Walters – 1/31

For those who recognize the author Sara Walters, you might recognize her from her other book, The Violent SeasonMissing Dead Girls is the next, psychological thriller to come out of the author’s hands, and will be released on Barnes and Noble on January 31st. Tillie enters a brand new start in the quiet suburbs of Willow Creek with Madison Frank, putting away the trauma and rumors behind her. However, Madison goes missing, and a photo of her body is texted to the entire school with Tillie’s name on it. Tillie needs to untangle the web of secrets that surrounds her, lest the people she cares about will be destroyed if she doesn’t. For those curious, be sure to check the date for this book’s release on Barnes and Noble.

True Spirit – 2/3

This film is a bit different from the other shows on the list, but it has many fans excited. True Spirit has Teagan Croft as Jessica Watson, the Australian teenager who was considered the first, youngest person to ever sail around the world. Follow her story in film form as she sails non-stop, unassisted, and completely alone throughout her entire journey. This film is a biography that showcases the actual Jessica Watson’s greatest achievement in book form, and for those curious to learn more about Jessica Watson, be sure to look her up on her official website. To those who are interested in the film itself, the movie is set to premiere on February 3rd on Netflix.

SYML – The Day My Father Died – 2/3

For those who need a refresher on this artist: Brian Fennell, better known as SYML, is a musician/singer/songwriter whose music is connected with his complex feelings that derive from his unknown, Welsh lineage. His latest album The Day My Father Died is set to release on February 3rd, and the history behind this album’s creation is heartwarming. For those who are fans of Chariot, Howling ft. Lucius, and Sweet Home, be sure to check out SYML’s album release on February 3rd.

What are you awaiting for this week? What were some of your favorites? Is there anything that isn’t listed here that you’re waiting for this week? Let us know in the comments below.