Top 10 Things to Read, Watch & Listen to from July 9th- July 15th

It’s the middle of July, and there are newer things to watch, listen to, and read for this upcoming week! If you’re not too sure what to look out for this week, don’t worry. We have you covered on what’s the latest for this upcoming week!

The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 Premiere – 7/14

The love triangle returns with another season! Belly returns to Cousins Beach, but with Conrad and Jeremiah fighting for her heart and Susannah’s cancer reappearing, she isn’t sure if this summer will be the same. Be sure to catch what’s next for Belly once Season 2 premieres on July 14th on Amazon Prime! And here’s a heads-up from us, be sure to check the website to read our future interview with Cam Cameron, aka David Iacono!

Olivia Rodrigo – vampire

This album recently came out, but we just had to write about it! Olivia Rodrigo’s vampire was released on June 30th, and the song itself has been getting everyone’s attention! If you haven’t had the time to listen, we highly recommend that you do!

Sonic Prime Season 2 Premiere – 7/13

The latest season for Sonic Prime is ready for July 13th! Join Sonic on his new adventure as he travels through the multiverse! Be sure to check out the series’ 2nd season on Netflix when it premieres!

Lauren Spencer Smith – Mirror – 7/14

From the artist who brought Flowers and Fingers Crossed, Lauren Spencer Smith is here with her latest album Mirror! You’ll be able to listen to music such as Fingers Crossed and Narcissist, including some unreleased songs such as Too Hurt To Fall In Love and Never Been In Love. If you’re a fan of her music, be sure to check it out once it’s released on July 14th!

Gray Matter – 7/13

Are you a fan of sci-fi, thriller films? What about ones that show the fate between mother and daughter? Then Gray Matter should be right up your alley! Aurora knows from her mother that the superhuman abilities she possesses are dangerous, and it won’t be until a fateful, fatal night will she understand how dangerous they are and how right her mother was. Be sure to catch the film on Max!

Rita Ora – You & I – 7/14

Everyone remembers Rita Ora, right? From her acting career to her popular Girls song, she returns with a newer album called You & I! If you’re a fan of You Only Love Me and Praising You with Fatboy Slim, this album is set for release on July 14th! Be sure to check it out once it’s released!

Theater Camp – 7/14

Are you a fan of theater? If so, here’s a film that you’ll enjoy! We wish to introduce everyone to Theater Camp, an upcoming movie set for release on July 14th! Follow the adventures of an eccentric staff as they band together with the founder’s bro-y son to keep the camp going! You can watch this movie in theaters on July 14th, so book your tickets soon!

Tessa Violet – MY GOD! – 7/14

From the artist of YES MOM and a known video blogger, Tessa Violet is here with her latest album, MY GOD! Not only is YES MOM included in this album, but other music such as Again, Again, BREAKDOWN, and BAD BITCH will be available in this album as well. If you’re a fan of her works, be sure to check this album out on July 14th!

Give Me a Sign by Anna Sortino – 7/11

If you’re a fan of Anna Sortino’s works, then you’ll surely enjoy her debut novel, Give Me a Sign. Lilah is stuck in a certain predicament regarding her hearing loss, but this summer, she’s determined to make a change. Upon becoming a counselor at a summer camp, she plans on brushing up on her ASL skills. Upon getting there, she meets some cute British lifeguards who are considered heartbreakers, a YouTuber desperate for clout, and the dreamy Deaf counselor Isaac who offers to help. If you’re eager to read about Lilah’s journey as a counselor and her affection for Isaac, be sure to check the book out on July 11th!

My Week with Him by Joya Goffney – 7/11

Written by Joya Goffney, this upcoming coming-of-age, best friends-to-lovers story follows the adventure of Nikki, who plans on running away from the small town in Texas. After a heated argument and a betrayal from her sister, Nikki gets kicked out and decides to leave for California to pursue a music career. But Malachai, better known as Mal, begs Nikki to stay for the remainder of spring break, or perhaps after she graduates high school, and believes that he’ll be able to convince her to stay. But their plans go awry when Nikki’s sister Var, goes missing. If you want to see what’s in store for Nikki, be sure to check the book out on July 11th!