For March Madness, We Vote for Love and Let the Best Ship Win

Each year, March Madness is one of the biggest sports tournaments in the world, when the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) men’s and women’s college basketball tournaments are held. From mid-March through the beginning of April, hundreds of men’s and women’s teams compete in a single elimination tournament to determine the national champions. 

Ricky and Gina – “HSMTS”

The madness refers to the excitement that swirls around when March comes around. The tournament is called the “Big Dance” when teams from around the nation compete for the #1 spot.  Sports fanatics follow the tournament through bubble teams, brackets, and buzzer beaters, anticipating who will lead and who will earn the title. 

Kitty and Yuri – “XO Kitty”

For us at Young Entertainment, the “Big Dance” makes us think of all of the romantic relationships we follow in our favorite series, films and books. We’ve created our own brackets and have translated that team excitement toward the best current teen relationships or “ships”. Ship is term often used to show your support for a relationship to develop, often between fictional characters on a movie or television program. 

Belly and Jeremiah – “The Summer I Turned Pretty”

Next Saturday, March 16th, marks the start of Young Entertainment’s Ship Showdown!!! Just like when you make a bracket in basketball to pick your team, we’ll ask you to pick which ship is the strongest, the most romantic, the most unstoppable. 

Zoey and Zach – “The Other Zoey”

Our version of March Madness is an exciting way to narrow down all of our favorite on-screen couples from the past year to see which one is most desirable and inspirational. Each Saturday a new round will drop and you’ll vote for your front runners to see them advance to the next level. If you liked watching Charlie and Nick’s friendship blossom to romance on “Heartstopper” or fell for the potential of Kitty and Yuri’s relationship in “XO Kitty”, we ask you to choose your fave. Each of these ships are strong and unique in their own way. Let the best Ship win!

Wilhelm and Simon – “Young Royals”


Round 2 of Young Entertainment’s March Madness Best Ship Tournament

Young Entertainment’s March Madness Best Couple Tournament

YOU Decide Who Will Be The Ultimate YA Couple