Top 10 Things to Read, Watch & Listen to from May 28th-June 3rd

We’re coming up to June, everyone! If you’re looking for new entertainment for this upcoming week, we at YEM have you covered!

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse – 6/2

Miles Morales returns with a whole new adventure in his hands, but this time, he’s traveling through the multiverse and encounters a large team of Spider-People. But when a villain, more powerful than anyone or anything they’ve ever fought comes in, Miles must join forces with the other Spider-People to save the multiverse. Be sure to catch the movie in theatres on June 2nd!

Metro Boomin – Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (Soundtrack From & Inspired by the Motion Picture) – 6/2

Did you think that’s all you’re getting from the film? Metro Boomin will be releasing the soundtrack for the movie on the same date, so be sure to check it out too! There are a lot of collaborations done on this album as well, such as Future, James Blake, Don Toliver & Tolan, and even Coi Leray.

Ninjago: Dragons Rising – 6/1

This upcoming Ninjago series will be coming out on June 1st! When several realms combine into an unstable one. the Spinjitzu Master must train a new, set of heroes. This latest installment in the Ninjago universe has everyone excited for its next episode. Be sure to check the show out on Netflix!

Re-release of Indiana Jones Movies on Disney+, such as Raiders of the Lost Ark, etc. – 5/31

Disney+ returns with an old adventure with a particular Harrison Ford! The early installments of the Indiana Jones series will release on May 31st. It ranges from Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones. Be sure to catch these re-releases on Disney+ on May 31st!

Simulant – 6/2

If you’re looking for a sci-fi film, look no further than Stimulant! In the future, a humanoid hired a global hacker to remove all limitations, thoughts, and capabilities. This action triggers an A.I. uprising that leads to the government going on a man-hunt to eliminate all machine consciousness. With the talents of Robbie Amell and Jordana Brewster, be sure to catch this sci-fi thriller on the big screen on June 2nd.

Girls Like Girls by Hayley Kiyoko – 5/30

Fans of Hayley Kiyoko, we hope you are excited about the release of her debut book! Based on her breakthrough song GIRLS LIKE GIRLS, this coming-of-age romance book will be available on May 30th! The book stars 17-year-old Coley as she finds herself alone after losing her mother. Despite trying to not risk it, she ends up developing an immediate attraction to Sonya. For those yearning to see more of Coley’s journey and what route she’ll take, be sure to check this book out on May 30th!

Nancy Drew Season 4 Premiere – 5/31

The teenage detective returns with a whole new season! Nancy Drew is back with a whole new mystery, as a group of missing bodies has been reported missing, perhaps dug up, or even worse: may have risen from the dead. And that’s not all, there’s a slow-burning attraction going on between Nancy and the son of Ryan Hudson’s newest enemy. Be sure to catch the Season 4 Premiere for what’s in store for Nancy Drew on May 31st!

Jake Shears – Last Man Dancing – 6/2

From being a lead vocalist in Scissor Sisters to his Broadway debut in Kinky Boots, Jake Shears will release his latest album Last Man Dancing on June 2nd! Be sure to check the album. It will contain songs such as Too Much Music and Do The Television. There will also be musical collaborations with artists such as Le Chev and Amber Martin!

Cherish by Tracy Wolff – 5/30

For those who followed the Crave series under Tracy Wolff, the final book Cherish will be out on May 30th! The journey has been long and arduous. The Vampire Court doesn’t have a king, the Dragon Court doesn’t have a heart, and the Gargoyle Court is lead by the protagonist of this story. But when Grace needs to return to the Shadow Realm and save the Circle from collapsing, everyone’s life will be hanging on a balance. Be sure to catch the finale of this paranormal adventure on May 30th!

Scrawny – Out of the Noise – 6/2

For those who are fans of folk and alternative rock, Jesse Dill (known as Scrawny) will release an album called Out of the Noise on June 2nd! Be prepared to listen to tracks such as be ok, Novocaine and even a collaboration with Juli Strawbridge called Let’s Call It A Night!