Top 10 Things we learned about HSMTMTS from Adrian Lyles Interview

It isn’t easy finding your voice amongst the drama and the ever-shifting social dynamics of a wildcat summer, but Adrian Lyles’ charisma and flair for the dramatic make him an almost too obvious choice for HSMTMTS’ third season. Lyles, 17,  has star power that goes past his fun fashion choices and incredible vocals. He’s sure of himself, sure of his connection to his character Jet’s past, and the present he would love to see the show explore.

Adrian spoke to us about his background in music, his relationship with his castmates, and of course, Jet’s place at Camp Shallow Lake here.

1. Adrian revealed in a quite laid-back yet optimistic tone that his character Jett has an undefined fate and may not be returning for HSMTMTS’ fourth season, although he would love for the more personal aspects of Jett’s life to be explored.

2. Tim Federle has been known to be famously cryptic about the trajectory of the show, including pivotal scenes between fan-favorite couples like the season three finale kiss between Gina (Sofia Wylie) and Ricky (Joshua Bassett).

3. The cast was all at D23 when they reunited in a room rented out by Federle for a season three viewing party. Lyles doesn’t like to comment on ships on the show as he believes that they exist as fully realized entities without the opinions of the actors who occupy their worlds.

4. Adrian auditioned for HSMTMTS through a self-tape in which he sang a cover of Rihanna’s classic ballad ‘Stay”. Lyles bonded with HSMTMTS creator Tim Federle over the impact of music in both of their lives, and ended up auditioning for the show a second time singing Jon Bellion’s “Stupid Deep”, a song both Federle and Lyles covet.

5. Lyles had a fun time building his off-camera closeness and relationship with his on-screen sibling Maddox, played by Saylor Bell. The actor attributes their rivalry in opposition to their friendship to the chemistry the two naturally have on-screen together and stated that ”that came from a completely different place.”

6. Lyles would love to see Federle expand upon the ambiguous familial relationship between Jett and Maddox. Their relationship speaks for itself within their competitiveness, something that can only be replicated by true sibling energy.

7. When speaking about the impact of Jett’s breakout song “Right Place” (written by Jason Mater), Lyles stated that he “fell in love immediately” with the unwavering honesty in the song and believes “it’s written so perfectly for Jett’s character.”

8. Lyles attributes his musical career trajectory to the passionate and dedicated energy his musician castmates (Joshua Bassett and his recently released EP “Sad Songs In A Hotel Room” for example) bring to the atmosphere on set.

9. Adrian highlighted the importance of music in his career by hinting that he will be giving fans the new music they have been craving since his vocal performances in season three of the show, stating that he believes that he thinks that “people should definitely expect something soon.”

10. The pivotal message Lyles hopes for fans of the show or even just lovers of music to take away from his character Jett is “Don’t let anyone talk you out of doing what you love to do… don’t listen to anyone but yourself and what you love to do. And really embrace it, go all the way with it.”