Top 5 Moments from Joshua Bassett’s Doppelgänger Music Video

Get your tissues ready. Actor and singer Joshua Bassett just dropped his new music video Doppelgänger, and it’s a real tearjerker. Most known for his role as Ricky Bowen in the Disney+ series High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, his newest song is vastly different than what he’s been singing on the show. Apparently referencing his breakup with an old girlfriend, Doppelgänger is one of the most emotional breakup songs to ever come out of a male singer. It’s hard to pick just five of the best moments from a three and a half minuet song, but here they are:

1. Bassett doing a double take after a girl walks by (0:10) – Considering his first lyric is “I guess I’m not as over you as I thought that I was,” the double take is understandable. The immediate flashback montage afterwards really drives the point home that he’s still not over this girl. Even though it’s been a while.

2. Bassett practicing in front of a mirror (0:38) – This is rather sweet. It shows that even boys can be nervous when it comes to talking to girls. It would be nice to see more shy, awkward boys that are actually shy and awkward, instead of just pretending to be.

3. Bassett sitting alone in a dark, bare kitchen (0:54) – This is most likely immediately after the breakup. Bassett sitting on the kitchen floor all alone in the dark is how most people are after splitting with someone who they thought might be the one. Doesn’t matter who someone is, male or female, breaking up always hurts.

4. Bassett & his girl cuddling while she plays with his hair (1:22) – One of the best feelings in the world is when a significant other plays with the hair. It’s a nice little gesture that makes a person feel loved. It’s obvious these two were really into each other at one point.

5. Bassett & his girl in the bathtub drinking alcohol (2:20) – Who says you have to go out for a date night? Sometimes the best kind of dates are the ones that happen at home. Weather it’s spontaneous or planned, in-house dates are always hard to forget.