Top 5 Most Romantic Pretty Little Liars Dates

Pretty Little Liars has been known to have some pretty big romantic date scenes, usually leaving fans feeling super envious, and it’s totally understandable!  Who can honestly blame them?   Here are some of the best dates PLL has to offer:

  1. Caleb’s Masked Entry

How romantic was it when Caleb showed up at the masquerade ball for Hanna?  The timing and surprising aspect was just perfect, but let’s not forget how cute they both looked all dressed up!

  1. Emily’s Water-Wonderland Surprise

Speaking of surprises, Emily’s surprise to Maya was definitely one for the books.  Although this technically isn’t considered a “date”, the thought that Emily put into this was just too romantic to overlook!  I mean come on, who wouldn’t want their significant other to surprise them by completely revamping their room?

  1. Aria’s Dinner for Ezra

I think we can agree that anytime someone chooses to actually cook dinner for their date, that automatically makes the date way more special.  Aria showing off her cooking skills to Ezra was super adorable, not only because she looked cute during the process, but also because you could totally tell she was putting a lot of thought into it.  It definitely is the little things that matter most!

  1. Paige and Emily’s Line-Dance

According to Paige and Emily, line dancing can apparently be a very romantic, hands-on date experience.  The chemistry and tension between these two while they were showing off their moves was absolutely undeniable.

  1. Toby’s Fairytale Gift

When Toby showed up to Spencer’s house wearing his new police cadet uniform, fans for sure heart-eyed at the scene.  The best part about this little impromptu date wasn’t his arrival or the playful, flirty banter they shared (even though it was adorable!)  The best part has the be the gift he gives her at the end.  That little pocket watch with the message “You are my once upon a time” has to be one of the cutest and most meaningful gifts ever!

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