The 10 Things You Should NOT Do in a Relationship (According to Dating Coach Evan Marc Katz)

Many women want to find lasting love, but they ruin their chances of finding one because of some mistakes. Dating coach Evan Marc Katz has some great advice about things you shouldn’t do in a relationship.

Get Married at a Young Age

While it is exciting to take things to the next level with your boyfriend, getting married is something you should think about 100 times, especially if you are still in your early 20s.

Most successful women wait to marry until they’ve completed their education, started a career, and had a few adventures to help them discover themselves.

While it may not apply to everyone, 25-year-olds are generally more mature and can build long romantic relationships.

Marry an Emotionally Unavailable Man

Signs of an emotionally inaccessible partner may include the following:

  • not open up totally,
  • show their emotions, or
  • support you when needed.

Your relationship may suffer due to your emotional detachment from your husband.

You may think that your husband completely changed after you married him. But, the signs of him being emotionally unavailable may already be there before you married him, and you failed to see them.

Do not hitch your train to an insensitive man in your early 20s before you’ve had much experience with other adults.

Have an Affair

Your husband may be emotionally unavailable and distant from you. Yet, cheating is not the answer to whatever you are going through in a relationship. You can try marriage counseling or divorce if things don’t work out, but never cheat.

Justify the Affair and Consider It To Be Normal Behavior

Whatever your reason for having an affair, it is not justifiable. Your partner may have flaws and lacks in some ways, but it will never justify having an affair.

Cheating as if it were a usual societal practice will cause you to lose your sense of ethics and morality. Personal trainer in love, Evan Marc Katz, says that doing this will make you drawn to similar men. Become what you want to attract, they say, right?

Become Close Friends With an Opposite Sex

Dating coach Evan Marc Katz emphasizes this fundamental Marriage 101 advice: Do not make close friends of the opposite sex lest the temptation is too great.

When you search for a connection like this as an emotionally deprived wife, you’re practically begging for an affair.

Falling in Love With Another Man

You could have avoided everything in the first place by not getting close to temptation. Sometimes, when emotions get into our heads, we dive into dangerous situations headfirst.

You can avoid situations like this beforehand if you only pull yourself away immediately from temptation.

Confessing to Your Opposite-Sex Close Friend That You’re Falling for Him

If you know that you are already falling for some other guy, you could just pull away and say nothing. Choosing to bring the issue to the surface is obviously volunteering yourself to have an affair.

Letting the other party know about your feelings will only push you deeper into temptation. Thus, you are practically begging for an affair.

Get Separated From Your Husband To Be With the Man With Whom You Are Having an Affair

Dating coach Evan Marc Katz says it is possible to fall in love with another man while you are in a committed relationship.

However, abandoning your husband for another man with no clear goals for you or your relationship is foolish.

Be Surprised That Your Affair Ended Without Notice

It’s inevitable that the guy was sweet to you, slept with you, and said beautiful things before he left. He was in the moment, and he wanted to please you. It is difficult to sleep with someone when you’re unkind to her.

A relationship that started on the wrong terms will eventually end in terrible ways.

Question Yourself if Your Affair Was Only a Hook-Up

You will not find a lasting relationship in the form of cheating. The universe will eventually catch up on you and give back what you have done.

Do not expect loyalty and commitment from an affair.

Final Thoughts

Successful women know precisely what they did wrong and acknowledge it. They know how to take accountability for their behavior and correct what is needed to be addressed.

Dating coach and love expert Evan Marc Katz can help you gain confidence and feel safe to get back up after stumbling.

Evan’s Love U podcast teaches women how to find the lasting love they deserve. It has a rare blend of wit, wisdom, and warmth that you will surely get hooked into.

Whether you are having trouble getting a first date or having problems with your relationship, Evan Marc Katz has some great advice to offer you.