Top Ten Nico Moments from Elite

Season 6 of the hit show Elite, now streaming on Netflix, features trans actor Ander Puig as Nico. Las Encinas never had a trans student until Nico arrived. Nico is a young guy who has succeeded in changing his name and identity. In the first episode of the season, Nico interacts with an intrigued Ari (played by Carla Dáz), who isn’t sure how to communicate with a trans person. 

YEM has scored an interview with Ander Puig, which will be released next week. In celebration of this exclusive interview with the actor, we have compiled Nico’s top ten moments in Season 6 of Elite. Read below to find out if your favorite moments made it on the list. And let us know in the comments what your favorite Nico moment was.

1. Nico meets Ari for the first time

Audiences are first introduced to the Nico character when he steps through the doors of Las Encinas international secondary school. In his infamous meeting with the school rebel Ari, Nico is initially pleased to meet her. But Ari soon puts him off when she speaks of him and trans people rudely. This interaction leaves the other students around them shocked and appalled. Nico manages to defend himself and the trans community by politely and confidently informing Ari that her terms and expectations of the trans community are nothing more than hurtful generalizations. He’s taken aback after Ari continues to insult him but also when she refers to him as handsome.

2. Nico and Ari meet up at the club

It’s no secret that the students of Las Encinas like to unwind and party hard. When we next see Nico, he is at a nightclub living the high life. We see him dancing, mingling with the other clubgoers, and buying others and himself drinks. It seems Nico is without a care in the world. He is interrupted when Ari catches him kissing a girl in the dark recesses of the corner. Shocked by her intrusion, Nico eventually agrees to relent to her blatant displays of attention. In their conversation, Ari is her typical bold self-spewing insensitivities towards the trans community but also being complimentary. Nico is made aware early on in his relationship with Ari that though she is crude and has certain prejudices towards trans people, she is intrigued and even attracted to him. The two end up leaving the club together, still deep in discussion.

3. Nico shows off his impressive moves

Soccer is a mega-popular sport in Europe, and Nico excels at it. Ari is one of many who is impressed with Nico’s skills on the soccer field. After the game ends, Ari comes up to Nico again and offers him more quips and solicitous innuendos.

4. Nico and Ari kiss for the first time

After Ari asks Rico for a date, the two end up in an upscale diner bar where trans people are employed. The two share a deep and flirty conversation at the dinner table before leaving. Still intoxicated but less so than Ari, Nico kisses her, and she embraces him back.

5. Nico and Ari hook up

Even though Nico had fullied transitioned into a male, things did not go as he had anticipated the first time he tried to make love to Ari. Ari became preoccupied with looking at and examining his body. Her obsession with his physique made Nico so uncomfortable that he cut the session short. Nico storms out of the room with Ari pleading with him to return, to no avail. In subsequent scenes featuring the two, they argue back and forth about the fateful encounter.

6. Ari meets Nico’s parents

After visiting Nico’s home and getting to know his parents, Ari experiences an epiphany. After speaking with them, she became intensely aware of the challenges Nico had to overcome to evolve and embrace the person he now was. Ari found that she could identify with Nico because she had also kept certain secrets even from herself, which had resulted in her abuse with alcoholism.

7. Nico and Ari hook up for a second time

After many conversations, some meaningful and hurtful on both sides, Nico and Ari try reconciling again. They are successful. The pair later share another passionate kiss and hook up again. Later, the two are forced to process the results of their intimacy along with their increasingly complex emotions.

8. Nico is left hurt and confused after Ari’s coldness

Although Ari has come to terms with her own painful and traumatic past with her past love interest Ivan, she has failed to divulge her feelings or the fact she is pregnant with her former lover’s baby. This exchange leaves Nico feeling hurt by her sudden coldness, and whenever he tries to confront her about it, she dismisses him.

9. Nico has a heartfelt discussion with his dad

Nico has a lengthy and sincere discussion about his feelings for Ari with his dad. The latter offers him this sound advice ‘If you’re not enough for someone, that’s their problem.’ Nico responds with a resounding ‘What if that someone is me?’

10. Nico and Ari’s last encounter of the season

Once again, Nico tries to reconcile with a hostile Ari, but she remains vaguer and walks away from him. Meanwhile, the girl Nico kissed at the club where he and Ari first discovered their feelings for each other comes to him and offers advice.

YEM readers don’t forget to stay tuned for our upcoming interview with Ander Puig coming up this Wednesday.