Top 10 Things to Read, Watch & Listen to from December 4-December 10

The winter season is upon us, everybody! December has arrived, and the cold season serves as the opportune time to relax, wrap a warm blanket around yourself, have a nice warm drink of your choice, and enjoy some entertainment that’ll go your way this week. Stuck on what to do this week? No problem, YEM has you covered and compiled a list of items to look forward to this week!

1) The Poison Season by Mara Rutherford – 12/6

The Poison Season

Let’s start with a highly anticipated book that will have you ready for the winter season. The Poison Season stars Leelo, who’s about to face the consequences of her actions upon rescuing a mysterious stranger from the lake. A book chock filled with romance, mystery, fantasy, and even science fiction will surely keep you on your toes during this week of December.

2) The Mysterious Benedict Society, Season 2 Finale – 12/6

The Mysterious Benedict Society

It’s finally here! The final installment to season two of the Disney+ adaptation of the book, The Mysterious Benedict Society, will air on December 6th of this year, and we’ll be left off with more questions than answers. What will happen to the children now? What will happen to Auguste and what will the consequences of his actions lead? Stay tuned to find out what will happen!

3) Lumara by Melissa Landers – 12/6


Interested in urban fantasies? Look no further than Lumara. When the reluctant Talia Morris was invited to her boyfriend Nathaniel’s, cousin’s wedding, she finds herself blamed for the inexplicable incident of the entire wedding party that fell into a deep coma. To prove her innocence, and the trust of her boyfriend back, Talia must find the truth of this mystery and break the curse that haunts her boyfriend’s family. Unfortunately for her, her past won’t let her proceed through this journey safely.

4) Willow, Episode 3 – 12/7


This television series serves as a sequel to the 1988 film written by the renowned George Lucas, where a group of heroes must venture off to save the world and face their inner demons. Have a glimpse of what stories lie within these characters and see what the repercussions of the film have done to the world of Willow in this Disney+ television series.

5) Tale of Two Towns Vol. 1 by Brandon Ratcliff – 12/9

Tale of Two Towns Vol. 1

For those interested in Brandon Ratcliff’s hit single “Tale of Two Towns”, here’s some good news! The artist is about to release volume one of his tracks into a single album titled “Tale of Two Towns Vol. 1” on December 9th of this year. With his musical talent that pulls together a mix of classic rock, country, and R&B, be on the lookout for his new album that stars not only “Tale of Town Towns”, but also other installments such as “Always Moving On” and “Grow Together, Grow Apart”.

6) Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio – 12/9


Do you recall the saying ‘does your nose grow when you tell a lie’? Look no further to find out in “Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio”, or rather “Pinocchio”, that’s coming out on Netflix on December 9th. This fantasy, musical film retells the story of Pinocchio in stop-motion animation in true, fairytale form. But instead of the light-hearted version that you’ll remember from Disney, this tale takes direct inspiration from the Italian novel, but with a darker approach.

7) Sam Fender’s “Live from Finsbury Park” – 12/9

Live from Finsbury Park

Who is Sam Fender, you might ask? This singer-songwriter has taken Britain by storm and he, and his band, has released a bunch of singles that eventually brought his music, especially his first single, to the UK Singles Chart. His album “Live from Finsbury Park” is set to release on December 9th, and many of his fans are highly anticipating its release.

8) Idina Menzel: Which Way to the Stage? – 12/9

Which Way to the Stage?

Do you know Idina Menzel? If not, here’s a brief overview. She’s an actress and singer whose work is well-known within the Broadway world, and she’s well-known for her role as Elsa in the animated film, Frozen. This time, however, Idina Menzel appears in a documentary that highlights her national tour as she undergoes many challenges all to realize her dream: to feature in a concert at Madison Square Gardens in New York City.

9) Sam Ryder, “There’s Nothing But Space, Man!” – 12/9

There’s Nothing But Space, Man!

Because of the cold weather, it’s a bit hard to look at the stars because of how cold it can be, right? Here’s an alternative! Sam Ryder’s newest album that’s set to release on December 9th showcases his beloved songs such as “SPACE MAN” and “Tiny Riot”. For a little bit of a biography, this artist was chosen as a representative for the UK at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2022 and won second place. Following that success, he’s set to release his first album and his tour around the UK and Ireland in 2023, so keep an eye out for his shows!

10) Matilda the Musical – 12/9

Matilda the Musical

And for our final choice, Matilda the Musical is a fantasy, comedy musical film about a young child named Matilda. Played by Alisha Weir, young Matilda sets out to change her story with her vivid imagination. Not much is known about the film, but there were positive results from when the movie was first revealed at the BFI London Film Festival. Get ready world, because Matilda the Musical will be released in the US on December 9th of this year.