Trailer Watch Top Young Adult Trailers


Catch it here first! We are on the lookout for the freshest, hottest and coolest YA trailers as they come out, based on your fave Young Adult series and beyond. We’ve laid it all out for your enjoyment. Watch this space and enjoy, coming soon to a theater near you!


Summed up as: The slightly annoying, social media-conscious teaser trailer for the new Zac Efron movie, about the world of electronic music.

Don’t miss: The Ef busting some moves, on a skateboard and off.

Did they show too much? Of the director, Max Joseph (host of Catfish)? Yes.

Worth seeing opening weekend? For Zac, anything.



Summed up as: A sexy-scary international dark thriller about a young man lost in his life who finds more than he bargained for in Italy.

Did they show too much? YES! We do not need to know that this is a creature feature just yet!

Best line in the trailer: To a fellow passenger in his Supershuttle on the way to the airport: “Should I go to Italy?”

Worth seeing opening weekend? This looks super intriguing. So yes.    




Summed up as: Emily Browning finally nabs a non-effects-laden movie, this time a retro pop musical, to showcase her talents.

Coolest thing in the trailer: That unmistakable old-fashioned Wes Anderson energy (this was produced by the geniuses behind The Royal Tennenbaums).

Best line in the trailer: “Maybe you just hate…people…”

Worth seeing opening weekend? British musical? Sure, that’s different!




Summed up as: Suds, Soap, Sap, Sex. The next Nicholas Sparks adaptation is here.

Coolest thing in the trailer: Lady Antebellum’s feel-good tunes.

Best line in the trailer: “You’ve gotten better looking, which is so annoying. Couldn’t you have gotten bald or fat or something?”

Worth seeing opening weekend? If you’re missing the notebook…




Summed up as: New faces (as well as Black Canary) are here for the next season of the beloved DC comics show.

Don’t miss: Ill-fated has-been Superman Brandon Routh, as a new villain.

Best line in the trailer: During a high-speed chase: “You like Italian??”

Watch or DVR? Duh…


Paradise Lost

Summed up as: Josh Hutcherson gets caught up with the wrong pretty girl in 1983 Colombia.

Coolest thing in the trailer: The reveal of Benicio del Toro as legendary cocaine druglord Pablo Escobar.

Best line in the trailer: “He is Robin Hood!” ~pretty girl Maria, about her uncle Pablo.

Worth seeing opening weekend? We’d like to see more…




Summed up as: Chloe Grace Moretz gets caught up in a Professional-style situation with Denzel Washington.

Coolest thing/Best line in the trailer: “I’m offering you a chance to do the right thing…take it,” says Denzel, while he artfully turns the gun on a hoodlum who just seconds before had it pointed right in his face.

Weirdest thing in the trailer: Chloe’s inexplicable black wig. It looks like she has it on just cuz it ‘looks cool’.

Worth seeing opening weekend? If you like Denzel, but obviously if you like Chloe!



Summed up as: The Romeo+Juliet-style treatment of Shakespeare’s plays continues with a gritty modern update to the master’s lesser-known Cymbeline.

Don’t miss: The sexy ennui-filled energy of Gossip Girl’s very own Penn Badgley, and his ballsy pull-the-trigger moment.

Best line in the trailer: “Live in fear, hell is here.”

Worth seeing opening weekend? Yes, for the cast: Ethan Hawke, Ed Harris, Milla Jovovich, Anton Yelchin and Dakota Johnson.




Summed up as: An Indian girl with cerebral palsy goes from Delhi to New York  University, where she falls in love with an unlikely young female activist.

Coolest thing in the trailer: It’s already clear that the lead’s performance here is authentic, heartfelt and beautiful.

Best line in the trailer: “I’ll have a margarita with a straw.”

Worth seeing opening weekend? Yes.




Summed up as: VH1 brings Drumline to the boob tube with this raucous new take on the franchise.

Don’t miss: The killer choreography on the field.

We can’t wait: To see (the former?) Mr. Mariah himself, Nick Cannon, cut up the rug.

Watch or DVR? DVR for a rainy day!




Summed up as: The Vampire Diaries spinoff is back, with deadlier plot twists than ever.

Don’t miss: The return of a certain dead father.

Best line in the trailer: “I have a werewolf temper to go with my new appetite.”

Watch or DVR? Watch!




Summed up as: Jennifer Lopez has apparently not had Enough, in a new movie about an illicit lover affair gone very wrong.

Don’t miss: Sexy/dangerous Ryan Guzman (aka Jake from #PLL).

Best line in the trailer: Tossup between “Well it got pretty wet here.” and “I love your mother’s cookies!”

Worth seeing opening weekend? J-lo has always been a very underrated actress, but this looks like hogwash.